Budget Locksmiths Reveal Top 10 Home Security Tips For Homeowners

Newton, Australia – It’s a sad fact that crime is on the increase. Burglary is a growing problem throughout the country. But, one interesting statistic is how many burglaries are opportunistic. The good news is one can decrease the risk of getting burgled. Budget Locksmiths reveals the top ten ways that householders can keep their homes secure:

1. Keep exterior doors locked – even when indoors

A shocking burglary statistic is that over 60% of cases happen when someone is home. It’s important to keep all exterior doors locked to prevent easy access for burglars.

2. Inform neighbours of any holiday plans

When someone goes away on a holiday, it’s likely their neighbours will still be around. Householders should inform them of their travel plans. That way, they can keep an eye out on one’s unoccupied property.

3. Change door locks when moving into a new home

Some burglaries occur because former property occupants have made copies of keys before leaving. It pays to have all exterior door locks changed before moving into a new home. The Budget Locksmiths website at www.budgetlocksmiths.com.au provides details of its 24/7 lock replacement service.

4. Don’t hide spare keys

It’s often tempting to hide a spare key under a garden ornament or plant, for example. But they are obvious places for burglars to look for keys! Instead, give a spare key to a trusted neighbour.

5. Activate a light timer during long periods of absence

An unlit home is a sure-fire sign to burglars that occupants have gone away for an extended period. Light timers are cheap and efficient ways to make it look like someone is at home.

6. Keep all sheds and outbuildings locked

Many householders keep valuable garden equipment, tools, and even bicycles outdoors. Sheds and other outbuildings offer the perfect shelter for such items. Make sure those storage areas have an effective lock installed on them.

7. Don’t post up holiday dates on social media

People love to share news of their upcoming holidays on Facebook and Twitter. But, there could be a rogue “friend” or follower that could see this as an opportunity for theft. It’s better not to post up details of holidays until after the event.

8. Don’t keep keys on locks or hooks by exterior doors

A classic mistake many people make is to leave keys near exterior doors. Keep them out of sight, preferably away from viewing distance of each door.

9. Install a burglar alarm

Some householders view burglar alarms as a nuisance. But, a good quality one linked to a control centre is an effective investment. One can even buy systems that have smartphone access and control.

10. Install motion-activated exterior lights

Exterior lights make it useful to see when someone approaches a house at night. They are cheap to buy and install. Plus, burglars will think twice about breaking into a home if the lights illuminate them.

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