“The most effective means of limiting rodent damage is rodent-proof construction. New buildings should be designed and built to prevent rodent entry. Rodent-proofing is a good investment. Designing and constructing a rodent-proof building is less expensive”
AM/PM Exterminators, the first-ever environmentally friendly extermination with a service track record for effective rodent extermination, continues to be the rodent removal company of choice by community members in and around Seattle. A multi-faceted business with rat control, rodent control, and mice control capabilities, AM/PM Exterminators’ family-friendly approach leaves kids and pets safe in the wake of extermination.

Seattle, WA – “No one wants mice running around the floor of their bedroom,” said Gordon Stanley, Founder and Owner of AM/PM Exterminators. “We know it’s not an option to coexist with menacing rats and other pesky rodents. That’s why we wanted to provide a healthy and eco-friendly alternative. Families don’t have to feel guilty for protecting their homes anymore.”

Local pest control experts say recent winter weather hasn’t discouraged rat/mice populations, thanks to warmer-than-normal average temperatures.

“We’re constantly receiving calls for rats/mice… It’s a Seattle Washington issue,” he said. “Due to missmanged waste in the populated areas rodent will multiply so quickly a good example is when pets go to the bathroom in backyard giving the rats and mice very nutrious foods to reproduce.”

A Seattle king county business owner said a local rat infestation has threatened her quality of life. The business owner, who asked to remain anonymous because of possible code compliance issues with the city, moved into an older building recently near downtown an outbuilding/garage behind the building leading to an alley. Inside the building, rats made a home inside the walls and a freezer, tearing apart insulation and belongings while leaving rubbish and excrement scattered in the rooms.

“I had to remove everything because it’s been urinated and pooped on,” the business owner said. This includes insulation in the walls and roof.

Adding to the situation, the business owner said, a transient living in the alley appeared to have broken the businesses’s garage door, leaving a small gap to the outside, possibly serving as an access point for more rodents.

The business owner said the building was the only option she could afford in the area and that she was unaware of any possible rodent issue.

Not able to afford an exterminator, the homeowner turned to pest control devices like traps and poison.

After putting sticky traps down, the business owner realized they only peeled the fur off the rats undersides and devices that held poison seemed too dangerous causing unwanted smells which was very unpleasant to the customers.

The Knowledge of an experienced pest control service for rats and mice

To help deal with the rats, the business owner received weatherization help from Ampm exterminators, including fixing the home’s insulation and sealing holes.

Gordon Stanley, Ampm exterminators rodent control program manager, said Rodent extermination service is designed for weatherization improvement, and home repair.

“The work done on the building to keep rats mice out  was to prevent issues with the weatherization,” Stanley said.

The Business owner was grateful for the help because “the working area is saved,” but now the walls where giving off a bad smells which required  replacing insulation in the walls.

“It’s infringing on my quality of life,” the business owner said.

While she said she hasn’t seen any traces of recent rodent activity, the business owner has taken further cost-effective preventative measures by making sure the dumpster area is always clean near the outbuilding/garage and picking up piles of garabage.However, neighbors’unkept dumpsters, abandoned buildings and unattended parking lots nearby are havens for returning rats.

Community help with other businesses to fix the pest problem 

A king county representative said:

“We don’t have capacity to deal with rats,” he said. “Most of the things we deal with there is a funding mechanism for it. There’s nothing for rodents. The best we can do is guide them to the Animal and pest control services King County, Washington’s website (”

It provides basic tips to prevent rodents such as trimming vegetation, sealing holes outside your home, ideal traps to use and clean-up methods for rats mice infestations.

Complaints about rodents comes in waves to the Department , the representative of king county said.

If they can act on a matter with rodents, it typically deals with business communties and how they manage garbage.

“Our compliance is putting people on notice that they need to do clean-up,” the representative said. “We don’t do a whole lot of follow-up. We have other things that are more of a priority.”

king County animal control officer Anne washington said she’s aware of a growing rodent problem, but that her jurisdiction only covers domestic animal issues, not vermin.

In the City of seattle, Doug bloomer, Seattle director of community development, said the Seattle Municipal Code has policies for rabies and animal quarantine but not rodents specifically.

However, the city could act on a rodent issue if it’s a property maintenance issue.

“It all depends on if it’s a civil matter,” Doug said. “If there are vacant cars or piles of junk that lead to rats, then it could be a city issue.”

Rodent control in the business communities

Local restaurants seem to have avoided any major issue with rodents.

Charles Taylor, king County Fire Department 2’s fire inspector, said he hasn’t come across any rodent problems in Seattle.

“Business-wise, there hasn’t been anything,” he said. “If there was a problem, I’d refer it to the Health Department.”

The representative said occasionally they’ll discover a restaurant/food service outlet that doesn’t have specific rodent-preventative measures required of them.

Another local issue with rodents has been at pioneer square in seatle, neighborhood.

Tim Shulter, pioneer square restaurants’s office manager, said they’ve seen sporadic issues, all related to bird feeders being too close to business. He said the issue was solved by moving them away from the business or simply removing the feeders.

Tim said moving bird feeders away from Businesses is one of a few simple ways to prevent rodents. He added that keeping vegetation at least a foot from the Businesses is another way along with picking up pet droppings frequently.

If traps aren’t getting the job done, Tim recommends calling a Pest control professional for help.

When it’s that time, Tim said, when they call in a professional depends on the magnitude of infestation.

AM/PM Exterminators provide extermination services for rodents such as rats, skunks, mice, and more. They also handle carcass removal, wildlife trapping, and attic rodent restoration for residential and commercial needs.

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