Yoganimals has kids getting fit while having fun!

“Actress Linnea Sage, for her acclaimed role in the web series WILDCATS, has written a fun and informative fitness book for kiddies!”
Book is written by actress Linnea Sage

YOGANIMALS, which the New Yorker wrote, illustrated, and narrated, is available on iTunes right now. It encourages children to partake in Yoga – which Sage herself has been doing for years.

Buyers are commenting that “The author’s reading is soothing and sweet. A child will relax just listening. The moves are perfect for young children. Being a yoga beginner myself and feeling the benefits, I can’t help but think that this will be therapeutic for kids” and “Can’t wait to share it with the other Moms who love yoga, too! The author’s voice is soft and soothing. Perfect for nap time or bed time reading.”

Sage, who in addition to her acting work is an in-demand voice over artist, describes her book as “A children’s book, with narration, that will help guide your child through some basic yoga poses, with the help of some very hip animal friends.”

Importantly, the author notes that kids should “make sure to practice these yoga poses with a knowledgeable adult! And most of all, HAVE FUN!”

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