Empire Investigations Teams Up with Social Media Guru Batya Maman & the Global Sisterhood’s President Dr. Shellie Hipsky to benefit Milagros Day Worldwide!

Ask any person, who was one of the strongest people in their lives growing up? Chances are their mother will be one of those people they mention. Whether it was staying up all night to help you finish a school project after working a double, driving you to practice everyday or picking you up every time you fell down thinking your world was about to end as a teenager. No one has made it more of their mission to honor these women than Dr. Shelly Hipsky and her Global Sisterhood of Inspiring Women.

This Mother’s Day, on Sunday April 8th is the 5th annual Mother’s Day Walk & Family Festival in New York City. The purpose of The Mother’s Day Walk is to honor and celebrate Motherhood while raising awareness for those who have witnessed and experienced the tragedies of Domestic Violence. The walk is a New York City tradition held annually by Milagros Day Worldwide, a non-profit organization that empowers survivors of Domestic Violence through leadership coaching and mentorship; and a commitment to Turning Abuse into Success.

Learn more and how you can contribute at http://themothersdaywalk.com/

Witnessing and understanding his female client’s struggles with their experiences is what has lured Kresson to support the “Global Sisterhood”. Kresson states, “I’ve seen and done my best to help thousands of women who have been in abusive relationships, where their spouses have done basically everything to break them. Dr. Hipsky’s organization promotes a fantastic message that no matter what you have gone through in your life as a woman, you can accomplish anything.”

Learn more about Dr. Hipsky’s global movement by visiting her online at http://www.globalsisterhoodonline.org/ and be sure to check out Robert Kresson and his agency at http://areyoususpicious.com/ to get the proof YOU need.

Show Me the Money! You all know the iconic phrase from the blockbuster hit starring Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire. On Thursday April 7th, 2016, Social Media expert and Empowering Woman supporter, Batya Maman, presented to the University of Pittsburgh Entrepreneurial Group, giving an encaptivating introduction to her secrets on how to do exactly that by converting your social media presence to save and make your business thousands in sales, instead of just “poking” people all day on Facebook.

Learn more about how the queen of social media can help revolutionize your business by visiting her online at www.gobatya.com

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