Author Highlights Differences Between Religion and Lifestyle Christianity

Christians seeking authenticity in their faith will find a resource in the newly released Insanity Defenses: Escaping the Madness of Faith (Redemption Press), the story of Michael Wilmot’s journey from desperation to blessing. The author says, “Knowing why you believe what you believe requires both reason and faith.” To give an understanding of who God is, and what our response should be to that knowledge, Wilmot examines biblical truths, philosophical arguments, and evidences of the supernatural.

Wilmot once wrestled with his own faith. He found that to escape “the madness of faith,” where the paradoxes of God contradict logic and personal experience, “you must bring your mind, heart, and soul into alignment with God’s purposes.” In Insanity Defenses, Wilmot uses practical applications to underscore the importance of Christians knowing what they believe, and highlights the marked differences between religion and Christianity as a lifestyle or a worldview.

“After the past decade of chasing after God, I felt our time together was filled with lessons that I needed to be reminded of and then share with others,” says Wilmot. Insanity Defenses: Escaping the Madness of Faith is backed by Scripture, and shares insights that will inspire readers and strengthen their faith in God. Christians wrestling with faith and those struggling to hear from God will find inspiration. Wilmot says, “I hope readers will find they are not alone with the challenges of embracing a life that is trying to use faith.”

Published by Redemption Press, Insanity Defenses is available in paperback format for a retail price of $17 and E-book format for a retail price of $3.99.

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