Airwheel presented C3 Customer Motorcycle Helmet for thrilling and speedy motorcycling

Speedy riding is an activity that is favored by many young and passionate riders who are in pursuit of speed and passion, and the new released Airwheel C3 cool motorcycle helmet is definitely a very brilliant choice for those speedy-riding lovers. Airwheel C3 intelligent helmet protects those motorcycle racers from dangers and ensures a safer and smoother riding experiences for motorcycle riders.

Speed and passion are ever-lasting pursuits for those motorcycle racers, however, the riding safety is also paramount to a good motorcycle player in this filed. The new released Airwheel C3 customer motorcycle helmet is featured by optimized and fashionable designs style, providing an ideal choice for those motorcycle racers.

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In terms of protective functionality, Airwheel C3 cool motorcycle helmet is able to protect the eyes of those crazy and exciting motorcycle racers. The windshield on the helmet can effectively protect the eyes from the small particulars in the air and helps motorcycle racers focus more on riding. Compared with other motorcycle helmets, Airwheel C3 intelligent helmet can easily fit varied head sizes and forms, and motorcycle racers can wear the helmet comfortably. Airwheel C3 intelligent helmet for road safety is specially designed in accordance with ergonomics, and is able to provide maximized comforts for riders.

Another important functionality is the intelligent video recording. While motorcycle riders focus on riding, the helmet can take photos and record videos automatically. This functionality had practical value for motorcycle riders in many ways. For instance, if the motorcycle rider has an accident, the video recording will be of great value to check who will be responsible for the accident. Airwheel C3 intelligent helmet for road safety is equipped with a wide angle lens that can capture the most vivid pictures and record clear video during the riding. Truthfully, the entertainment functionality can be also well applied to improve the riding safety.

 intelligent helmet

With the brilliant Airwheel C3 smart helmet, motorcycle riders are able to enjoy a better and safer riding experience. And for those motorcycle racers, Airwheel C3 customer intelligent helmet has become an indispensable accessory for a speedy and thrilling motorcycling on roads. Airwheel C3 intelligent helmet is a brilliant Airwheel product and even those non-Airwheel scooter riders are able to enjoy a much improved riding experience with Airwheel C3.

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