JCad Introduces Virtual Reality Option for Product Renderings

Leading CAD Services Company Uses Virtual Reality technology to streamline product design process

TORONTO – Today JCad Inc. announced a new virtual reality (VR) option for their cutting-edge 3D product renderings that allows end users to fully inspect their 3D visualization before mass producing it, eliminating 3D print and manufacturing errors.

According to CEO Jason Vander Griendt, “We thought, why not do all of our 3D design projects in Virtual Reality? The problem is a lot of our clients find it difficult to visualize their design because they are not 3D designers like we are. With VR, clients can view their design from any angle before we send it to 3D print. Our clients can point out any concern they have before 3D printing or mold making and manufacturing. This saves money for clients by avoiding 3D printing parts with design errors.”

Using cutting edge technology, product rendering by Jcad Inc. helps inventors and design companies attract new investors to help pay for future 3D printing, prototyping, mass production and manufacturing by allowing stakeholders to view product ideas in immersive virtual reality.

Product visualization renders help partners to understand how a new product will benefit consumers and assist in the design and development process. It allows designers and stakeholders the ability to see their parts and ideas in 3D, and view them from any angle. Standard 3D renderings clearly depict the functionality and intended use of a product, while Jcad’s virtual reality option helps bring the product to life and troubleshoot errors before production saving both time and money. 

“Sometimes when we design something for a client, they receive the part and realize that they forgot to inform us about an important design aspect. We then need to change the design and 3D print another one. With VR technology, we hope to eliminate this unnecessary step! It is our goal at J-CAD Inc. to always be on the cutting edge of technology. It is important for us to be the first to offer new, more impressive and more affordable ways for our clients to conduct business so that they can also be the leaders in their industry,” Vander Griendt continued. 

JCad Inc. encourages innovative entrepreneurs, engineers and designers to contact the company and speak with their rendering and animation experts, regarding potential rendering and animation projects. The company has extensive experience in the industry and will be able to answer project questions about any stage of the invention process.

To introduce new clients to their virtual design service, Jcad Inc. is providing free VR headsets. Once ordered Jcad Inc. will send headsets ahead of creating VR files, so one may access the virtual reality link as soon as it is complete. Additional options of higher-end VR headsets are also available.

View the JCad Inc. youtube channel for more information regarding product animations and virtual reality or visit www.jcadusa.com

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