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4/13/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — That’s certainly one of the great things about babywearing, you can really involve baby in your life and activities. It can be challenging for new mothers to find time to exercise, but if you carry your baby around with you most of the day or go for a brisk walk with your baby in her Baby Carrier Wrap, you will enjoy the dual benefits of walking and “weightlifting”. A long walk in the Baby Carrier Wrap is also an excellent way to help a tired but over-stimulated child fall asleep.

Baby Carrier Wraps are usually associated with infants, but they can be very useful for toddlers as well; most slings accommodate children up to 18 kilograms. The world can be a scary place for toddlers, who feel more confident when they can retreat to the security of the Baby Carrier Wrap when they need to do so. Toddlers often become over-stimulated, and a ride in the Baby Carrier Wrap helps to soothe and comfort them before (or after!) a “melt-down” occurs. It can be very helpful in places like the zoo, aquarium, or museum, where a small child in a stroller would miss many of the exhibits.

Instead of running loose in crowded or dangerous places, a child in a Baby Carrier Wrap is held safe and secure right next to your body. Baby Carrier Wraps also provide emotional safety when needed, so that children can venture into the world and become independent at their own pace.

And when your baby is older, having her in the Baby Carrier Wrap makes conversations easier and allows you to observe her reactions to the wonders of the world around her. It’s also fun for baby, because when she is up at eye level, other adults notice and interact with her more. Your child will feel more a part of your life when she is in her Baby Carrier Wrap, and you will find yourself becoming more and more enchanted with this special little person. And, a happy baby makes a family happy.

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