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Triethyl borate (a clear liquid), is an ester of boric acid and ethanol. It is also called boric acid triethyl ester or boron triethoxide. Triethyl borate is formed when ethanol and boric acid react with each other, in the presence of an acid catalyst. It is colorless and flammable. This chemical compound’s boiling and melting points are -85 °C and 118°C, respectively. It burns with a green flame, with flash point at 11°C, and is sensitive to moisture.

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Trimethyl borate, another important borate ester, is used as a methylation agent and a source of boron in organic reactions. It is incorporated in the manufacture of corrosion inhibitors, cross-linking agents for polymers and plastic stabilizers.

Triethyl borate is incompatible with acids, fluorine, and oxidizing agents. Its solutions in ethanol are used in pyrotechnics and special effects. The liquid’s chief use is as a solvent and/or catalyst in the manufacture of paints, resins, varnishes and synthetic waxes. It may also be a part of flame retardants in textiles and welding fluxes. It acts as an intermediate in organic reaction.

Handling of triethyl borate involves significant risks. It decomposes into hazardous products like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and oxides of boron. Therefore, it has been deemed hazardous by the 2012 OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Hazard Communication Standard. Exposure to triethyl borate causes headaches, tiredness, nausea, dizziness or drowsiness. Therefore, industrial safety guidelines mandate the use of personal protective gear that includes faceshields, eyeshields, gloves, and full-face respirator, among other equipment. Also, triethyl borate needs to be stored in a well-ventilated location.

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Geographically, the global triethyl borate market is split into Asia, North America and Europe. While the U.S. is an important market in North America, Germany is of significance to Europe. Japan and China account for a considerable portion of the total consumption of triethyl borate in Asia. Demand for triethyl borate in a particular region is influenced by its economic situation and future outlook for end-use applications.

Key players in the global triethyl borate market are Shanghai Hungsun Chemical Co. Ltd., The DOW Chemical Company, Searles Valley Minerals, Air Products and Chemicals, and Anderson Development Corporation. Other establishes participants include Zibo Boshan Jinnuo Auxiliary Agent Factory, Alkali Metals Ltd., Nantong Hongzhi Chemicals, Gfs Chemicals, etc.

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Table of Contents:

Part I Triethyl Borate Industry Overview

Chapter One Triethyl Borate Industry Overview

1.1 Triethyl Borate Definition

1.2 Triethyl Borate Classification Analysis

1.2.1 Triethyl Borate Main Classification Analysis

1.2.2 Triethyl Borate Main Classification Share Analysis

1.3 Triethyl Borate Application Analysis

1.3.1 Triethyl Borate Main Application Analysis

1.3.2 Triethyl Borate Main Application Share Analysis

1.4 Triethyl Borate Industry Chain Structure Analysis

1.5 Triethyl Borate Industry Development Overview

1.5.1 Triethyl Borate Product History Development Overview

1.5.2 Triethyl Borate Product Market Development Overview

1.6 Triethyl Borate Global Market Comparison Analysis

1.6.1 Triethyl Borate Global Import Market Analysis

1.6.2 Triethyl Borate Global Export Market Analysis

1.6.3 Triethyl Borate Global Main Region Market Analysis

1.6.4 Triethyl Borate Global Market Comparison Analysis

1.6.5 Triethyl Borate Global Market Development Trend Analysis

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