Alexis Miller’s The Arctic Night receives good response from the readers

Alexis Miller’s recently launched book ‘The Arctic Night’ has received great response from the readers on Amazon and other platforms. The action-packed thriller is full of international intrigue and has an environment angle to it, which has appealed many readers across the world.

Niyati Em rated the book 5 star and mentions in her review, “I am conscious of the environment and what damage humans are inflicting on it. There is widespread destruction happening every day while we sit in the comfort of our homes. There isn’t going to be a home to go to if this continues, and in a way, this book is a testimony to that. This book spoke of that while cleverly weaving it into a thriller. I really felt concerned for the Arctic region when I read the book.”

The CEO of Arctic Oil William Nordholm gets murdered and his lawyer suspects his shady cousin Max Orlof because of his hidden past and mysterious personality. The story moves to find the accused weaved in a thrilling tale that promises to keep the readers on the edge of their seat.

The protagonist of the story, max Orloff, a diplomat and known to be playboy travels internationally to many countries, battling the evil within himself and the effects it puts on the world. William and his wife get caught in his plans and the story takes a mysterious turn when illegal weapons are found on one of the ships owned by William Nordholm. The quest of investigating the matter leads him to his own death and a gorgeous lawyer named Victoria suspects Max of the murder.

Along with an intriguing storyline, the book is based on Greenpeace activists, environment concerns, heart throbbing sex encounters, nuclear waste, and Interpol. The story features a group of different people with different backgrounds pulled together by circumstances into the world which leaves everyone changed in the end. The book is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format.

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