Face Painting Party Kit Manufacturer Bo Buggles Announces Launch of Variation Face Painting Kit with Orange & Brown Mixed Colors

New Variation Makes Creating Lions & Tigers Easier without Need to Mix Color

Face painting kit manufacturer Bo Buggles today announced the launch of a new variation to their popular Face painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack. The variation includes mixed colors previously not included in the party kit so that the popular colors used to paint lions and tigers with base colors of orange and brown can now be used straight from the pack. Before the variation was launched it was necessary to mix primary colors to get the same effect.

A spokesperson for Bo Buggles explained,

“Our market research with our customers showed that it was a variation that would make life easier for parents and children alike. Lions and Tigers are some of the most popular themes for children at parties where face painting is used and although the colors can be achieved through mixing two primary colors together with our party pack, this new variation means that the base colors for these animals and others can be achieved more quickly. We think that our Orange and brown variation will compliment the purple and pink pack beautifully and help shorten the queue for faces to be painted so that kids can get back to playing at their party.”

Both the original Bo Buggles Face painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack and the new variation Orange & Brown Face Painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack include eight color palettes of 4g each. In the variation pack, the purple and pink palettes are replaced by orange and brown. Both packs also include two additional glitter palettes, two brushes, one large, one small and two application sponges.

The spokesperson continued, “We hope that the orange and brown variation pack will make things a little easier for parents and enhance the overall experience of both parents and children. You can of course make up any color using either our purple and pink pack or the orange and brown variation. The difference being that each pack reduces the need to mix paints to achieve certain colors making getting the best results quicker and easier.”

Both The Bo Buggles Face Painting Kit for Boys & Girls Ultimate Party Pack and the new Orange and brown variation pack are available to purchase exclusively on Amazon USA. Both packs contain  8 x 4g color palette plus two glitter palettes, 2 brushes and 2 sponges. For a limited time it may be possible to purchase both packs at a special discount price.

Bo Buggles are manufacturers and distributors of The Ultimate Face Painting Kit For Kids Party Pack and the New Orange & Brown variation face painting party pack available exclusively on Amzon.com. For further information about their face paint kit please go to their website at http://www.bo-buggles.com/

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