NewSun21 Delighted With Customer Response to Phone Waist Pack Launch

Phone Waist pack Gets 5 Stars from Runners, Walkers and Gym Goers

Phone waist pack manufacturer, NewSun21 announced today how delighted they were by the response from customers to the launch of their new touch-screen enabled phone waist pack on Amazon USA. The waist pack designed for carrying a cell phone and other valuables in a sleek designed pouch with a touch enabled transparent front, allows users to keep their valuables close but has the added benefit of not needing to retrieve the phone to be able to use it. Other features of the waist belt include a headphone port for runners and walkers who want to listen to music on the go. The touch enabled panel means that it is possible to change track, receive calls and text without having to get the phone out of its secure location.

A spokesperson for NewSun21 said, “We wanted to design a product for people when they are out and about. We wanted it to be easy to wear and we wanted it to be able to keep there phone and valuables secure but also accessible. Phones are an integral part of everyday life and whether you are out shopping or going for a run, you want to be able to answer a call or listen to music. Using the phone waist pack enables you to do these things and keep your valuables and phone secure at the same time.”

He continued, “The response we have had from customers has been overwhelmingly positive and we are extremely happy with this positive reaction. It is only when a product goes to market that you find out if it is doing all the things you designed it do correctly and seems as if our phone waist pack is meeting customers expectations in all areas.”

Here are what some customer reviews have said;

“I was a little sceptical about being able to use my phone while it was in the pocket of this waist pack. But it works Awesome!”


“This travel waist bag was a great addition to my workout gear. It’s made of high quality nylon cotton spandex material. It worked great during my morning jogs. I jog whether it’s hot raining or snowing so this offers great protection for my phone against the elements. It was very lightweight and comfortable around my waist. I was easily able to manoeuvre the buttons through the plastic screen without having to take my phone off. I was able to easily answer my phone by pushing a button and switch back to music without any problems. And it also allowed a nice space to keep personal items that I like to keep on me when I jog. For example a key, some cash and my inhaler. It’s a great set”


“Finding the right running accessory is a difficult process. I have decided that for now the arm bands are not comfortable so I was excited to try a belt that could hold my new iPhone. This is actually a waist bag but as a novice runner I was thinking it could be an exercise companion. I was able to slip my phone into the spot with the clear front easily. I was able to see all of the features I needed to on my phone by pushing my home button. I also was happy to see that I had additional space behind my phone to keep small items. I was able to put my keys, a few dollars, and some tissues in the belt and it was still lightweight and felt comfortable to wear. While running I did not feel the belt move or feel weighted down from the weight of the belt. The belt also did not twist or move while I was running. I want to add in here that I am not a thin girl so the comfort of the belt is the number one importance for me. It felt great being active and not being tired down by a piece of equipment that was uncomfortable.”


“This belt is great! Very lightweight material but also well built. There is an inner pocket for your cell as well as a divider so you can store smaller items like keys, credit cards, or cash. The expandable waist band allows for a wide variety of adjustability. I see this product coming in handy in many situations in the future, walks with the kids, runs, quick trips to the store. I’m a kid of the 80’s and love the idea of a fanny pack!”


“This thing is perfect!!”


The NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack for Sports, Recreational and Travel will accommodate phones with a width of up to and including 5.5 inches which includes the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the iPhone 5 and 5S, the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3, Moto X and any other phone that fits within the 5.5 inch width parameters. The highly adjustable waistband strap has been designed to fit waist sizes from 24.5 inched to 43 inches and is made of water and sweat proof material with integrated reflective strip for visibility. The waist pack has a transparent touch enabled front for accessing the control functions of your phone and a headphone port for listening access.

The NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack is available for sale exclusively on Amazon USA and for a limited may be purchased at a discount to its usual RRP, (Recommended retail price.)


NewSun21 are manufacturers and distributor of the NewsSun21 Phone Waist Pack for Running, walking and Travel Recreation. For further information please visit their sales page on Amazon USA or their website at

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