Latest Digital Media Service Drive Launches To Assure Sustainable Brand For Pro Athletes

New digital media service Drive is recently launched this April by The Drive Media that focuses to ensure a sustainable personal brand for professional athletes in the digital world.

Los Angeles, April 13th, 2016: Great news for professional athletes looking to garner premium endorsements- Latest digital media service Drive by The Drive Media has recently made its launch with the assurance to ensure a sustainable personal brand for professional athletes.

Added to athletes, the new service will also cater to professional coaches.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our latest digital media service that would render a new edge to a pro athlete’s career by offering them a sustainable personal brand. We will create a lasting brand for athletes through content marketing that will enable them to garner their online audience & gather premium endorsements- so that athletes can relish in a sustainable impression in the industry even after they leave the field”, stated a leading spokesperson from The Drive Media.

Scott Warren, The founder of The Drive Media is an erstwhile collegiate athlete himself who spoke of his lifelong fascination with the deep dedication of athletes to training & competing. Driven by the plight of several athletes ending up in bankruptcy being victimized by poor investment schemes, the entertainment media pro thought of helping them with a sustainable brand presence- and thus Drive was born.

In his words, a lot of athletes don’t take advantage of their opportunities in professional entertainment sports that would have helped them in building a sustainable backup in case they are forced to lose career from injury or after retirement.

“We are here to help out the pro athletes in winning the edgy digital game by creating an enduring brand for them as they hang their sneakers”, stated the company CEO.

“Most of the athletes have no such career to fall back upon in case they are suddenly ruled out from the field due to unexpected injury. Moreover, several athletes have fallen preys to scam investments and ended up in bankruptcy.  They have given us so much and hence as an entertainment media pro backed by more than 10 years of combined experience in radio & TV media- I felt the need to introduce a service that will help brand, strategize, manage & create highly impactful content for these heroes.”

The Drive squad will help the athletes with a game plan & personalized strategy along with dynamic content. The firm CEO stressed on a one-on-one interaction with each client & usage of their unique passions to come up with an exclusive personal brand. It would be followed by expert support in building an audience for the athlete that will bring endorsements from advertisers & create post athletic-life opportunities for the sportsman.

As a part of the Drive launch, The Drive Media has also produced its own Original digital content particularly meant to target viewership from social media platforms. It’s a 5-part social media video series which follows 2 rising pro beach volley players in their pre-season process. The video series was released on Facebook on April 1.

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