Cars & Co Extend Personalised Vehicle Buying Service In Australia

Sydney, Australia – Cars & Co is a leading personalised car buying consulting service. Their focus was with prestige and luxury cars. But, they’ve now expanded their service to include all vehicle types.

With over ten years of industry experience, Cars & Co don’t operate as car dealers. Instead, they provide unbiased brokerage services for their clients.

When customers choose Cars & Co, it’s not just because they want a good deal on a new car. They want to make the right lifestyle choice for their needs. And they wish to work with a firm that offers expert help and advice.

The Cars & Co difference

It doesn’t matter whether one is looking for an everyday car or a weekend toy. What does matter is the right purchasing decisions get made. It’s no secret that the plethora of models on the market make it challenging to find the right vehicle.

This is where Cars & Co come in. They offer a bespoke end-to-end service that saves their clients time, money and headaches. If a customer can’t decide which model to select, Cars & Co can help.

They will ensure that clients make the best choices according to their needs and budget. What’s more, they oversee the entire process on behalf of their clients. Once a deal gets sealed, the new vehicle gets delivered to the client’s door at a convenient date and time. There, a dealership representative will run through the car’s features with the client.

One of the big selling points of using Cars & Co is how they offer an unbiased and obligation-free service. The days of dealing with pushy showroom staff are over! One can make a vehicle enquiry through the firm’s website at

How the process works

Getting the right deal on a new car is often a challenge for vehicle buyers. Especially if they are unaware of better-spec models that cost less. Cars & Co offer a unique car buying service for people in the Sydney area. They have also expanded to include coverage across all of Australia.

The way that the car buying process works is simple. First of all, clients tell the team’s expert staff what type of car they want to drive.

Next, they will put a tender out to several car dealerships. This gives fleet managers the opportunity to offer an amazing deal to get your business. The prices one can enjoy aren’t usually available to people making direct enquiries. By using Cars & Co, one can benefit from discounted rates.

Once a customer agrees to a particular offer, Cars & Co works with the winning dealership. The vehicle bought will then get delivered to the client’s home or place of work at their convenience.

Cars & Co offer a unique service in that one doesn’t even need to leave their home! All communications can get done online or via the telephone. There are no office visits needed. Nor do clients need to liaise with dealership sales staff. Cars & Co take care of it all.

About Cars & Co

A Sydney-based firm that offers a unique car buying service. Customers can enjoy a bespoke service tailored to their needs. From vehicle selection to delivery, Cars & Co can take care of it all for customers across Australia.

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