Leading Melbourne Clinic Offers An Insight Into Why More Australians Are Opting For Laser Hair Removal

Melbourne, Australia – Both men and women have to deal with hair removal. Everyone uses a variety of methods such as shaving, waxing, and even plucking. Each has its pros and cons. But there is now a less painful and longer lasting alternative to those methods.

Laser hair removal is something that more Australians are opting for each year. The technology first became mainstream almost twenty years ago. Today, there is a steady rise in the number of people opting for such treatment.

Australian Laser & Skin Clinics is a leading provider of such treatments. They too have noticed a steady increase of customers demanding laser hair removal. Such an increase is a welcome boon for the company. But, they wanted to find out what motivated their customers to opt for their services.

They decided to survey some of their customers, and they came up with some interesting results:

People don’t want temporary treatments

The fact is other hair removal treatments only offer a temporary solution. It doesn’t matter whether people choose waxing, shaving or plucking. They would only get a temporary reprieve from their unwanted hair.

Perhaps the main selling point of laser hair removal is that it offers a permanent solution. Unlike traditional methods, laser hair removal destroys follicle roots. Such an action means that future growth of unwanted hair won’t occur.

According to the firm’s website at www.australianlaser.com.au, they only use medical-grade laser machines. Only such sophisticated equipment can guarantee the destruction of hair follicles.

They want a less painful experience

People that have had wax treatments will admit to painful experiences. Shaving can also be painful sometimes, especially if one cuts themselves by accident.

The advantage of laser hair removal is that discomfort is minimal. If patients have a low pain threshold, they can opt for a topic anaesthetic treatment. But, the pain experienced isn’t as bad as with waxing or plucking, for example.

Quicker hair removal sessions

Another selling point of laser hair removal is the speed with which each sessions gets done. Depending on the volume of hair to get removed, a session could last just a few minutes. Even sessions that demand a lot of hair removal could take just an hour in total.

About Australian Laser & Skin Clinics

Established 17+ years ago, the firm is a leading provider of laser hair removal services. Australian Laser & Skin Clinics have carried out more than two million treatments. They have a range of clinics in and around the Melbourne area.

Australian Laser & Skin Clinics also offer skin treatment services. Examples include chemical peels, cosmetic injections, and anti-wrinkle treatments. Others include laser facials and cryotherapy. They also offer laser tattoo removal services using Q-Switching lasers. 

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