Trinity Publications Group Launches Nationwide Search For 21 Fitness Professionals To Be Featured In New Book For Summer 2016 Release

TPG is on a nationwide search to select 21 fitness professionals for upcoming book, “Outfox Obesity” so readers can overcome obesity without shame, blame or pain and is scheduled for a summer 2016 release. One hundred percent of book proceeds will be donated to

Trinity Publications Group (TPG) is on a nationwide search for fitness professionals to share the proven strategies that took them from being in a state of obesity to being in a state of fitness for the new book, “Outfox Obesity: 21 Fitness Professionals Share New Alternatives To Overcome Obesity WITHOUT Shame, Blame Or Pain”, which is scheduled for release in July 2016.

Christine Love, founder of Trinity Publications Group and three-time Amazon Best Seller made the following statement about the nationwide search, “Most people struggling with obesity or morbid obesity issues need real alternatives to the status quo. And, frankly, we just don’t believe that fitness professionals posing in mirrors and flexing six-pack abs understand us. That’s why this search for fitness professionals who have gone from “fat to fit” and who have made health and wellness their life’s work is so important; because they — from first hand experience — understand the challenges (and mindset) of those struggling with obesity”.

Trinity Publications Groups’ last anthology book, “Secrets of Success: Personal & Business Re-Invention Strategies For More Money, Impact & Freedom So You Can Live Your Best Life” released in May 2015, hit Amazon’s Best Seller List in the United States and internationally.

When asked for a prediction for the new release Love said, “We’ve all heard the statistics that more than a third of America is obese and more than half is considered overweight. That means, America is getting fatter and fatter, but no-one is giving real answers. It’s time to stop the over-played mantra of “eat less and move more” and start a new conversation that deals with the underlying problems that cause obesity – and actually have some fun doing it!”

Love has a special attachment to this project because she was morbidly obese for most of her adult life. Then she lost over 100 pounds with a gastric bypass surgery and maintained a healthy weight (according to medical standards) of 155-165 pounds for fifteen years.

However, two children and nine years later, Love has gained an additional thirty pounds which has pushed her over the line into obesity once again. Love states, “I never thought I’d have to worry about weight issues again. Seeing the scale approaching 200 pounds is terrifying. I don’t want to be obsessed with my weight again. I’ve got two little girls. So for the first time, I’m looking to make some real lifestyle changes. Changes that make sense. Changes that work for me. Changes that can celebrate my life and fill it with fun, not calorie counting.”

“Outfox Obesity: 21 Fitness Professionals Share New Alternatives To Overcome Obesity WITHOUT Shame, Blame Or Pain” will be available in both Kindle and Trade Paperback formats through and other major book retailers this summer.

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