Genius Vision Update IP Camera Software With Innovative Dropbox Upload Functionality

Genius Vision is proud to announce an update to our feature-rich IP camera software.  This release adds the ability for users to upload video snapshots directly to the online file storage service Dropbox.  This innovative feature gives clients yet another way to store and process their surveillance footage. And the process for integrating Dropbox with Genius Vision’s NVR software is very simple, as shown in this video demonstration.

This addition is just the latest in a long list of features added to Genius Vision’s NVR software in the past year.  Our company is committed to developing the best NVR software on the market and maintaining its position as one of the world’s best NVR software companies.

Other useful features in Genius Vision’s NVR software include:

• Mobile apps
• Software motion detection
• 360° Panorama
• IVS (Intelligent Video System)
• CMS (Central Management System)

The Growth in Popularity of IP Cameras and NVR Software

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras have become very popular in recent years as homeowners and businesses look for innovative technologies to protect themselves from criminals.  IP cameras make it simple to send and receive data via computer networks, including the Internet.

The footage gathered by IP cameras is sent to our network video recorder (NVR) software which stores and manages the data.  Genius Vision NVR software offers very powerful functionality which includes the ability to set security policies that change the functionality of cameras.

The company has seen strong growth in the past few years.  This has been driven our innovative product range and the increased use of video surveillance by home users.  The video surveillance market is expected to continue growing at a fast rate — Security World predicts a 22% compound annual growth rate in the size of the global video surveillance market between 2016-2020.

Much of that growth is coming from businesses upgrading their surveillance systems and homeowners embracing IP camera technology.  Other key drivers include cheaper prices for surveillance equipment, more advanced camera technology, better wireless connectivity, powerful new IP cameras and more advanced network video recorder software.

Genius Vision has embraced the growing popularity of IP camera technologies and is frequently releasing new software features to match improvements made by IP camera manufacturers.

Significant Advantages to Using IP Cameras and Genius Vision’s NVR Software

Many property owners have recognised the advantages of using IP Cameras and Genius Vision NVR software.  They include:

Deterring Criminals
The presence of IP Camera has been shown to deter people from committing criminal acts.

Gather Evidence For Use in a Criminal Trial
If a criminal act does occur on your property, the evidence gathered by IP cameras and NVR software can help ensure the offender is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Monitoring Secure Locations
IP cameras are very small and ideal for monitoring secure locations.  They can precisely track who is entering and exiting secure environments.  The footage can be sent via a wireless network to the Genius Vision’s NVR software.

Deterring Employee Misconduct
Many businesses are interested in eliminating losses that occur due to employee misconduct.  Homeowners often interested in using surveillance to track contractors working on their property.

About Genius Vision

Genius Vision are leaders in the IP camera software market.  We are committed to creating products that are feature-rich and reliable.  Our development team is focused on creating the best high definition IP video management systems in the world. 

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