Airwheel Innovative Electric Scooter S8, Intelligent Robots Service S9, Trendsetter in Global Sources Electronics Apr 2016

As the world’s largest electronic fair, Global Sources Electronics Apr 2016 will take place from April 11st to April 14th in 2016, attracting large numbers of professional exhibitors and visitors from all around the world. As the trendsetter in the electric vehicle sector, Airwheel will exhibit its updated S9, S8 and other products in this show.

The annual Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Apr 2016 will attract large numbers of professional exhibitors and visitors to congregate in China, covering a full range of electronic products including multimedia, digital image and video, household appliance and communications, etc. As an innovative manufacturer in self-balancing electric scooters, Airwheel will exhibit its new products in this show and advocate the environmentally friendly way of lifestyle.
artificial intelligence robots
Airwheel is devoted to making daily transportation free and efficient. It emphasizes on every detail to pursue for excellence and deliver joyful experience for the riders. All the new products are developed in line with the philosophy. The first new product is Airwheel S9 wheeled mobile robot based on human-computer interaction principle. This robot is able to avoid barriers and plan the route automatically with the inner laser radar, intelligent chip system and various kinds of positioning systems. With the slogan of “Give more than you think”, Airwheel S9 balance robot has a reserved interface which can be connected with special spare part to meet the different demand of the customers. In the future, Airwheel S9 plans to draw inspiration from smart-house idea to enable the rider to know and operate everything at home through the phone.
electric scooter with seat for adults
Another exciting product is Airwheel S8 electric walkcar which has made great achievements in the functions and riding experience. It adapts to both sitting and standing postures to meet the demand of the customers to the largest extent especially for the elderly. Besides, its C-shape design not only makes S8 look more elegant but also ensures comfortable riding experience. Also, it is equipped with 10-inch high quality air tyres to help the scooter conquer any terrain and is good for shock absorption. Airwheel channels great efforts in making excellent products to bring the rider extraordinary experiences.

Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Apr 2016 will witness many other fantastic products from Airwheel. It is also a good chance for people to exchange ideas and experiences.

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