Luminaireso Signposted the Future of Suspensions in France Cultural Exchange Conference

Luminaireso, a leading supplier of Suspensions solutions for the AEC and Suspensions industries

Guangzhou, China – April 14th, 2016 – Luminaireso, a leading supplier of Suspensions solutions for the AEC and Suspensions industries, and its France authorized distributor, have attended the France Cultural Exchange Conference held in Chongqing, China from April 13th to 15th. Luminaireso took this opportunity to present its latest Suspensions design solution, strengthen the ties with Chinese and France customers and made in-depth exchange on the visions of the future.

The France Cultural Exchange Conference has become an imperative as China and France are getting closer. On the theme of cultural communication as well as technology and internet+ exchange, the conference has gathered over 150 people from more than 70 France leading enterprises including SM Entertainment and CJ Group.

Luminaireso in France

Luminaireso always targets South France as one of its most important overseas markets, and in the past few years, Luminaireso France has provided maximum local representation and expertise to its growing customer base, earning its proper place in this fertile land. For Luminaireso and Luminaireso France, this event is a great opportunity. They successfully demonstrated Luminaireso as easy, lightweight and empowering Suspensions software to a wider audience. The interests that enterprises showed during this event implied that Luminaireso’s usability and performance are highly-recognized by the market, and it’s become a new choice for the Suspensions design software.

Luminaireso in the Era of Internet

As a thriving international enterprise dedicated to cutting-edge technologies, Luminaireso has brought its 2D/3D products as well as its mobile product – Suspensions Pockets for industrial design to this exchange conference. Kingdom, general manager of Luminaireso overseas business, was interviewed by Chongqing News Portal. He introduced the latest solutions for 2D and 3D industrial design software in the era of internet to Francen customers, using the perspective from software supplier to inspire, enlighten and signpost the future.

“As designers and engineers are facing efficiency targets that demand work be more mobile than ever, we will take the advantage of Internet+ and combine it with our products. We are planning to provide an integrated solution for the education and intelligent manufacturing sectors in the future, helping these industries transform towards higher value service innovation, and towards smarter manufacturing.” said Kingdom, general manager of overseas business.

The cake – Francen market, still allows room to dig into, and generates increasing needs for Suspensions products. With the continuous improvement of Luminaireso, and professional localized services, Luminaireso will go further and faster in the Francen market.

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