Author Launches A Crowfunding Campaign For An Epic Book Giveaway for Survivors of Abuse

Author Nacrissa J Vil recently announced the launch of her new book, Gravitate, which is a book that will help women overcome their personal inhibitions and attract the type of love and romantic partnership they deserve. Nacrissa has also announced the launch of a Book Giveaway for Survivors of Abuse, for which she requires the help of the generous online crowd. The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for a cause that is close to Nacrissa’s heart due to her own past, she has taken the initiative to set up a crowdfunding campaign for a book Giveaway for survivors of abuse.

She requires funding to spark her initiative to life and cover the costs of giving away her book GRAVITATE to support women of abuse. Her crowdfunding campaign on has a funding goal of at least $25,00 to be raised by the month of October 2016, which is also the Domestic Violence Month. The campaign will end with a special event held at the MJ Mansion Resort in Vegas.

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Domestic violence and abuse at the hands of an intimate partner is a problem that extends across the world, and is unfortunately extremely common even in the U.S. Nacrissa quoted the current alarming stats on women that are abuse that stating that 1 in 5 women have been survivors of some form of abuse by an intimate partner within their lifetime. Although there are plenty of groups working to stop this problem and provide help to the affected women, Nacrissa believes that this issue deserves the attention of everyone and people should pitch in to resolve this problem at the grass root level. The Book Giveaway is her way of helping those women who are suffering from the side effects of abuse and she is asking the online crowd to help her, help those in need.

Nacrissa said: “As a survivor of physical and verbal abuse I felt a strong, compelling need to contribute my work towards a cause I could authentically relate to. I lost all confidence and esteem in myself during an emotional and physically abusive marriage. It took me years to regain a healthy identity and enter the world of dating and relationships again. I needed to believe in my own beauty my own worth. The process that I went through before writing Gravitate restored that. And now, when I put these books in their hands I will give them a greater opportunity to understand their own worth and beauty — they need to know they have a future and a hope.”

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Nacrissa J Vil is a transformational author and a trainer, her latest book Gravitate teaches women how to attract the love they want by activating 8 magnetic relationship strengths. She has also designed a free Gravitational Attraction Assessment to help women discover their magnetic relationship strengths.

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