Chiropractic Laser in Chatsworth, CA Treats Sports Injuries and Traditional Back Injuries

LiteCure Medical’s LightForce EX therapy laser is now being used to treat sports injuries and back injuries. Designed to help people get positive results for their clinical conditions, the LightForce EX therapy laser offers the perfect combination of intelligence, flexibility, and power. It has a therapeutic power of 15W and delivers efficient and quick treatments to deep targeted tissues.

The penetration of therapy lasers is affected by a person’s muscle tone, pigmentation, and size. The chiropractic laser in Chatsworth, CA delivers the ideal therapeutic dose to damaged tissues to achieve the desired results. The LightForce EX therapy laser’s influence technology provides certain procedures based on a person’s unique characteristics. As such, the treatment can be personalized to provide patients with more consistent results.  

For those who are suffering from back pain, a Chatsworth chiropractor can help. Gould Chiropractic provides chiropractic care that highlights the significance of improving one’s health to reduce the risk of illness and pain in the first place. They help treat lower and upper back pain, sports injuries, and whiplash. The clinic also offers hypnotherapy and massage therapy. Even those who don’t suffer from back pain can benefit from visiting a chiropractor. This professional can help individuals prevent any future back pain and improve their posture.

Chiropractic care can also help people avoid illnesses and achieve their health goals. Those who are already suffering from pain can get relief from Gould Chiropractic. The clinic provides pain relief for various types of conditions and pains such as neck pain and back pain. Gould Chiropractic’s treatments help patients rediscover health and wellness. Their chiropractors and wellness care professionals are fully qualified and registered to practice their profession.  

They first determine the main source and cause of pain and then devise a treatment that best suits the exact needs of their patients. They can also help patients achieve better physical performance. This includes improving their strength and flexibility. The clinic’s chiropractors can give a range of motion exercises and specialized massage that help patients increase the flexibility of their muscles and improve their mobility. As they treat the primary cause of pain instead of the symptoms, patients experience longer lasting pain relief. They do this without the use of surgery or drugs. As such, patients don’t need to worry about painful and expensive surgeries or medicines.

Chiropractic care is the solution for those who are seeking an alternative to traditional medicines that would provide them with the results they desire. This treatment option helps people maintain optimal health without resorting to invasive treatments like surgeries.  Gould Chiropractic personally tailors a wellness and chiropractic program specifically targeted to their patient’s needs using the most effective, but less invasive methods and services.

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