Iontophoresis Machine Website Now Provides Top Product Comparisons

DETROIT – has launched a website that compares the top models of iontophoresis machines. These devices help deliver medications and other compounds to the skin using a local electrical pulse – which may be a tiny current or local shock. Three different machines are compared and reviewed, which are intended to provide antiperspirant treatment. 

The machines described include the Iontophoresis Unit MD-1a, DVP1000 Iontophoresis Device Package, and the Electro Antiperspirant. For each, the visitor can choose to read the full review or go to the supplier’s website using the links in the product window. In addition, there is a comparison table that allows the visitor to drag the names of the machines into the table and view valuable information. Details such as brand, rating, prescription requirements, available accessories, and pricing are included.

Full write ups of each machine are also provided. These descriptions include who the machine is from, its features, how it’s used, and how to purchase it. A search function is also available. This will become more useful as more products are added and visitors can find their product of choice much faster.

The site aims to make the process of choosing an iontophoresis machine as little overwhelming as possible. Seeing all the features and benefits up front is a big help. Other details provided include money back guarantees and how long customers have before they can get a refund if not satisfied.

With the right machine, one can be relieved of excess sweating for up to three months. To learn more about top iontophoresis machines and their benefits, go to

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