Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Highlights Comcast Spotlight’s Innovative Television and Digital Video Advertising Methods

Company Executives Discuss Innovative Advertising Solutions
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Los Angeles, CA – April 14, 2016 – Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with executives from Comcast Spotlight, a leading innovator of television and digital video advertising technology and products to help marketers reach their ideal audiences.

Rick Stanley, Senior Vice President – West Division of Comcast Spotlight, opens with, “At Comcast Spotlight our goal is to help companies more strategically position their advertising messages on TV and in digital media. We simplify the process of advertising while making it more efficient and effective.”

Adding to this overview, Ingrid Nelson, Regional V.P of Comcast Spotlight in California, states, “We help marketers reach their audiences with the right message at the right time. Many of our most successful clients actually thought they could not afford advertising on television, but we showed them how it is both cost-effective and powerful as a marketing tool. Additionally, our products and technology allow companies to deliver advertising that is highly efficient in reaching specific audiences and market segments.”

Headquartered in New York City, Comcast Spotlight has established a leadership position with innovative advertising solutions that deliver valuable impressions on multiple screens. The company provides local, regional and national businesses with the ability to segment advertising demographically and geographically, and by specific marketing message.

Comcast Spotlight reaches more than 35 million homes in 79 markets. This includes more than 500 distinct selling zones, allowing advertisers affordable access to audiences in individual neighborhoods and across full markets.

Justin Evans, V.P., Principal Data and Research Strategist for Comcast Spotlight, underlines the power of the company’s approach adding, “Our system and proven results show clients the benefits of working with us on both television and digital advertising. The numbers prove that this method of branding and creating awareness is highly effective.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, comments, “Most of our viewers are very focused on the need for effective marketing and advertising methods. They will find the innovative offerings of Comcast Spotlight both exciting and useful.”

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