A Digital Marketing Agency In Manila Is Helping Businesses Get More Exposure

Quezon City, Philippines – Floyd Buenavente, founder of Marketing Manila, uses just a few simple tweaks to get his clients the satisfaction they want from their optimized websites. And as his clients will attest, hiring him pays for itself. Which means you’re actually losing money by not hiring Buenavente, the best online marketing consultant in Manila.

Way back in 2004, Floyd Buenavente began learning SEO after his graduation from the prestigious University Of The Philippines Cebu. Now he’s working with the top SEO agencies in the Philippines and handling local and international clients to boot. For over 10 years, Buenavente has been growing his knowledge and his business, jumping from company to company, many of which are still growing strong today.

“In the near future, a lot of companies that have not yet invested in any SEO will be regretting it,” remarked Buenavente. “I am amazed at how fast SEO is growing in the country and I am glad and humbled that I am one of the people who pioneered it.”

And as one of the best digital marketing consultants in the Philippines, Buenavente has chosen to work from home rather than commuting into the city. Not only is he leaving behind the stress of commuting through rush hour traffic in Metro Manila, and the monotony of sitting at a desk day in and day out, but Floyd gets to spend the day with his family or teaching martial arts in the community at his leisure. Make no mistake, the quality of his work has, if anything, improved now that his health is in order.

“For some people, working in an office all day is okay,” Buenavente states. “But for me, it was making me unhealthy. I was gaining a lot of weight from sitting around all day. Not to mention the migraines I was having from the lack of exercise my lifestyle was allowing me. Now that my health is in order, I can focus more on my work and my blog.”

Floyd Buenavente runs what is possibly the best SEO and Inbound Marketing Blog. That is, when he’s not pioneering the best digital marketing agency in the Philippines, teaching martial arts, or training in the gym.

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Marketing Manila is an online marketing company based in Quezon City, near Manila. Check out their website: https://www.marketingmanila.com/

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