Father-son Team Launches Kickstarter To Save User Data Forever

User-friendly, triplicate storage solution, Archived, to offer data security solution usually reserved for big business.

Brooklyn, NY – A father and son team has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Archived, a secure, triplicate cold-storage solution for preservation of valuable files.  Charles (Chuck) Haine, Sr., a doctor and genealogist, had experience with lost medical records and sought a more secure way to preserve his family’s mementos.  Charles Haine, Jr., a filmmaker, was unsatisfied with the archival options for his films’ master files.   Realizing that they were likely not the only consumers stymied by the limitations of “cloud”-based backup systems (namely, their vulnerability to data corruption and hackers), Chuck & Charles Haine decided to create a solution to the problem. 

While “cloud” services offer ease of access and syncing capabilities, those same attributes make data vulnerable, as it’s all networked together.  Archived instead focuses on the long-term safety of a user’s most important data, working on the LOCKSS model (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe), backing it up in three separate locations on two different continents.  This ensures that if any one copy of the data becomes corrupt, or a single facility is compromised by a cyber-attack or natural disaster, the user’s data is still safe. 

Citing the 1973 St. Louis Military Records Fire in which over 70% of veterans’ military records were completely lost, disrupting lives and benefits and slowing veterans’ claims, the duo positioned Archived as a fail-safe solution for sensitive, irreplaceable data. By utilizing a simple interface and keeping the pricing low, the Haine duo hopes to attract individuals and small businesses who might not otherwise have the resources to back their data up in triplicate.  

“We’re thinking about people who want to back up medical and legal documents, genealogists, photographers and filmmakers, small businesses that must keep secure archives; the hard truth is that no single, individual copy of a piece of data is secure, and we’d like to provide a user-friendly and affordable solution,” says Chuck Haine.  

Starting at $4.99 a month for 50GB of data (or $49.99 for the year), Archived is offering a 20-30% discount for Kickstarter backers who help them raise their $25K development goal.  The service is expected to launch December 2016.      

Charles Haine is a USC-trained filmmaker, educator and entrepreneur. Haine founded the Academy Award-nominated production company Dirty Robber and helped to found Cinelicious, Coyote Post and ColorCorrection.com. His directing work includes countless book trailers, including the recent trailer for Chuck Klosterman’s novel The Visible Man, a music video for Fitz and the Tantrums, fashion advertisements for Fais Do Do and Emory K Holiday, and the feature film Angel’s Perch. Haine has also taught cinematography, editing, color grading, visual design and stereography.  In 2011, Haine published his first book, The Urban Cyclist’s Handbook, and he appeared as the technical consultant and host on the Discovery Channel show Unchained Reaction.

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Haine’s career includes over 19 years of full-time academic appointments and 16 years of full-time federal service Veterans Administration (VA), including developing two residency education programs and two student-training programs for the VA.  At the Danville VAMC, he served as the Information Security Officer, and his subsequent positions have included work in standard setting, faculty recruitment, retention and development, curriculum design, and algorithm development.  Dr. Haine is currently a consultant to Ocuco Ltd., where he serves as subject matter expert and “product owner,” in addition to working to improve electronic communications between doctors to enhance patient care.

Archived Kickstarter page: http://bit.ly/joinarchived

Website: www.tryarchived.com

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