PapFlash is Revolutionizing the Face of Photography

Washington, DC – On March 21 2016, David Skye launched a Kickstarter campaign for PapFlash, the Uber of photography. The PapFlash app is a new and improved way for photographers to make money and gives clients access to the experience of a lifetime.

“This app connects photographers with clients in a niche that is breathtaking,” says the creator, “PapFlash implements a GPS tracking feature between clients and photographers, hence the analogy to Uber. However, it is a much more lucrative venture for photographers and a priceless experience for our clients.”

What does this mean? Clients will have unparalleled access to the best photographers and aspiring photographers in different niches. They will also have access to videographers for real-time recording of important events.

Even more exciting, trip incentives for clients through the app will allow them to enjoy the PapFlash experience anywhere in the world! The app is all about community. The team plans to create a PapFlash publication to thank backers and showcase users who are contributing great things to society, doing great things in their lives, and so much more.

“PapFlash provides an easy way to bring photographers to your door step on any project imaginable. From events, to parties, to luncheons and special occasions whatever you have in mind we will have the best photographers to cover the event,” Skye explains, “I am counting on you to help us make this happen!”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a PDF copy of the book, Power of Paradise – Inventing the Future with a Choice written by the Founder for $25, an autographed hard copy of the book for $100, and more! Backers can also pledge $1,000 for an opportunity to meet with the Founder, Team, and Partners at a luncheon party. Included with this reward is a pdf copy of his reflection book, The Wiz Diary, presently not in circulation.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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