Jon Stevens Alon Releases His New Amazon Kindle Emotional Romantic Thriller eBook Novella, Love, Passion, Jealousy

A passionate and emotional romantic story.
Offering a perfect gift for the global lovers of the emotional romantic thriller genre, award winning filmmaker and author Jon Stevens Alon, has released his new eBook novella “Love, Passion, Jealousy” that readers are raving about. It’s a passionate and emotional romantic story revolving around Lara, a young Brazilian born Broadway dancer struggling to fulfil a promise made to her dying mother, seeking true love and fighting against evil from the past, placing her life in grave danger.

Lara, a young and talented Brazil born Broadway dancer, has been struggling to fulfill a promise that she’d made to her dying mother to succeed as a dancer, and following her dream of finding true love. Unlucky in love, Lara finally seemed to have found the true love of her life in Enrique, the Spaniard choreographer of her Broadway show, however, evil from her past in the form of Timothy, the ex-lover and dancer selected as her partner, placing her relationship with Enrique, and her life in jeopardy. Will Lara be able to overcome her obstacles, and rise triumphant over tragedy? Will Lara finally find success and fulfill her quest for love? These are questions answered in the suspenseful novella written by a master storyteller, Jon Stevens Alon.

“Love, Passion, Jealousy is based upon my script Optimum Performance, which I had a difficult time funding even with six Oscar winning talent attachments due to Hollywood’s obsession with superhero CGI driven tentpole movies, when my film is a female character-driven art film,” Jon said. “My son suggested I convert my script into an eBook and publish it as an Amazon Kindle, so that readers could enjoy this story of love, passion, jealousy, danger, and regardless of how severe the obstacles, never giving up on achieving our dreams.”

The words of the Love, Passion, Jealousy novella realistically capture the rhythmic musical beat and flavor of its NYC, Bahia-Brazil, and the Seville-Spain setting, immersing the readers in the passionate emotions of its characters, good and evil, each tormented by a secret bitter past experiences that impact their life choices, as the story relentlessly races toward its cliff-hanging conclusion, leaving us breathlessly satisfied and asking for more.

One of the readers wrote in his review, “It is terrifically passionate, romantic, suspenseful and at times wickedly funny. I loved the struggle between evil and good as it was so gripping.”

Tracing his Castilian-Sephardi roots to Toledo-Spain, Jon Stevens Alon grew up in Brooklyn, New York, among Sicilians. Thanks to his Hispanic heritage, he always loved  flamenco-ballet, and was drawn into the NYC Latin music world, excelling at Salsa, Cumbia, and Merengue dancing, practically living in the Latin clubs of Spanish Harlem on weekends, which led to him to produce Algo Especial – Vaya, a Latin variety TV series sponsored by Fabrege for Canal 47 in NYC , featuring the best NY Puerto Rican, Cuban bands, and Broadway dancers, which provided him with a keen sense of understanding and insight into his characters. Married to a Brazilian, he decided to integrate his love for Spain, Brazil, and NYC and their musical inspiration into a compelling narrative that manifested itself as the Love, Passion, Jealousy novella. A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, Jon Stevens Alon is a former ABC Television and Fox Television executive, literary agent, and an award winning filmmaker who wrote and produced Demi Moore’s debut movie, Choices, and has won critical acclaim with his feature film directing debut IRISH WHISKEY, that promoted late Los Angeles Senior Film Critic Charles Champlin to compare his work with icon indie NYC filmmaker, John Cassavetes. A DGA Magazine published journalist, and former member of the Publication Committee of the Directors Guild of America (DGA,) Jon is the author of the Amazon Kindle eBook ACTORS TURNED DIRECTORS, considered a bible regarding the all crucial film actor-director relationship, featuring interviews with Jodie Foster, Leonard Nimoy, Mel Gibson, Sydney Pollack, Paul Mazursky, Kevin Bacon, Richard Benjamin, Kevin Hooks, Ronald F. Maxwell, and Melanie Mayron.

Jon, Founder/CEO of TSO, a Los Angeles based multimedia, multicultural content provinding startup company, currently finishing American Shooter, an emotional father-son relationship and coming of age story dealing with forgiveness, set amid a violent civil war in Guatemala, 1982, coming to Amazon Kindle at the end of April, 2016.

The English edition of the Love, Passion, Jealousy e Book novella is currently available on Amazon Kindle in the US, UK, CA, Australia, India, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Holland, and Japan.

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The book will soon be available in Portuguese and Spanish.

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