ChalkTastic White Chalk Marker Pens Complete Four Hundred Amazon Reviews

“ChalkTastic White Chalk Marker Pens”
ChalkTastic’s successful Amazon product White Chalk Marker Pens has recently achieved the distinction of receiving four-hundred reviews. This high-quality chalk accessory is available now for just $10.77 per pack.

ChalkTastic is delighted to reveal the latest feat of their popular white chalk markers. This product has just gone past the milestone of four hundred Amazon reviews. More importantly, these reviews have come with an average user rating of 4.9 stars. ChalkTastic is a familiar name in Amazon with multiple chalk-based products that have done exceedingly well. Their white chalk pens are presently amongst the top twenty Amazon bestsellers in many as three product categories. Each pack of the product contains four chalk markets, and can be purchased now for a handsomely discounted price of $10.77 only.

A high percentage of users of ChalkTastic white chalk pens have used this product for different types of creative projects. Marker pens are extremely popular amongst the kids. To ensure kid safety, ChalkTastic has delivered a product that is non-toxic and dust-free. Users have mentioned in their reviews that this product can be used to write all types of non-porous surface including chalk labels, mirrors, storefront windows, dry erase boards, metals, etc.  The pens are equipped with a reversible tip that allows users to switch between a tip marker and a broad chisel tip marker.

A recent Amazon reviewer writes in his review, “I needed some new white chalk markers. These ones looked great…and they are! The color is bright and vivid. They have a nice tip that you can control to write in thick lines or thin. There is no odor. They don’t leak or run and they are easy to erase if you make a mistake. I use chalk labels on various containers in my kitchen and to label canisters for my dogs treats. I like that I can erase them and write something different as needed. They are easy to use and comfortable to hold. Perfect for my needs!”

Another user recommends the product saying, “These work great on my chalkboard. If you look at the picture I’m attaching, you can see the regular chalk and the chalk marker. The chalk marker is thinner, brighter, bolder and more clear than my chalk writing. I think these are better than chalk and I’m glad I got four in the pack. Don’t forget to prime them first! It doesn’t take long for the ink to rise to the surface!”

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