Purely Triton Limited Joins a Charity Event for Disabled Children in Hongkong

LOS ANGELES, CA – 15 Apr, 2016 – Purely Triton Limited, a company known for its Pocket Mini Massager, is going to join forces with a charity event to raise vital funds that will be used to benefit the disabled children in Hongkong. The event will witness many other fundraisers zip-line from all around South East Asia as well as from different regions of the world.

The charity event isn’t the first one Purely Triton Limited is taking part in. Over the last couple of years, the company has been actively participating in an array of such events that aim to provide much-needed support to under-privileged communities, children and adults.

The charity event for disabled children in Hongkong has garnered world-wide support because of the noble cause it’s promoting. A number of entrepreneurs, celebrities and other big time people such as the singer Judie Ong or the talk show host Kumar Singh have already contacted Purely Triton Limited to donate shoes, bags and clothing. Some foreign artists and entertainers, including from the U.K. and Australia, have also been scheduled to perform at the event. The company is extremely hopeful of getting more patrons to promote this charitable cause as the world comes to know more about it.

The charity event will be organized at Hong Kong’s Public Plaza on April 29, 2016. It will be open for visitors from 8 am till 4 pm.

The money raised through the charity event will not only be used to extend financial support to the struggling families of disabled children in Hong Kong, but a  considerable part of the fund will also be used to build a school exclusively for such children. 

“It’s an event that very dear to my heart, as it will help a lot of children with different types of disabilities in Hongkong live a better, happier life. At the same time, it will give us an excellent opportunity to build strong relationships beyond the working enviornment,” said Mr. Hitoshi Hirano, CEO at Purely Triton Limited.

At the charity event, Purely Triton Limited will also be selling their widely acclaimed product – the Mini Pocket Massager. And the company will donate 50% of its proceeds for building a school for disabled children. Additionally, the company will also give out 100 Mini Pocket Massagers for free to the disabled children in Hongkong.

If you are passionate about being a part of this charity event and donate to the noble cause, feel free to check out the website of Purely Triton Limited – http://www.mypersonalmassager.com/ – or get in touch with one of the company’s representatives for more information.

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