Rhinofleettracking.com introduces GPS fleet tracking system for business owners to maintain optimal fleet productivity

15 Apr, 2016 – Rhino Fleet Tracking now offers advanced GPS fleet tracking solution that can help the business owners and fleet managers stay updated about the where about of their vehicles and trailers. You can click on the website link at http://www.rhinofleettracking.com to know more about the tracking solutions.

To have a sound and efficient fleet management, it is important for business to have an advanced vehicle tracking system. The GPS fleet tracking system offered by Rhino Fleet Tracking helps both business owners and the fleet managers to have their vehicle information at their finger tips at any time of the day. This helps them to achieve optimum level of fleet productivity in an efficient and safe way. This GPS fleet tracker system features a powerful vehicle monitoring system which displays stops and routes that includes the unscheduled and scheduled ones in real time. No matter, where the vehicles might be, this GPS fleet tracking system helps the owners know where the fleet is. This makes the GPS tracking system a useful one to locate lost drivers and can also be used to recover the stolen property.

You can know more about the fleet tracker by checking at the url, http://www.rhinofleettracking.com/gps-fleet-tracking

The GPS fleet tracking solution by Rhino Fleet Tracking is useful capturing critical data such as the beginning and end of a working day, mileage, speed, the stops made by the driver, level of fuel consumption, idle period and other such variables. This helps the fleet managers to keep a track on the employees performance and motivate employee compliance even if they are  many miles away. It also designed to collect key data about the equipments and vehicles that are monitored to help decision makers perform essential changes to improve the safety, efficiency, compliance and productivity of their fleet.

The best thing about opting for this GPS Tracking system from the house of Rhino Fleet Tracking is that it gives custom alerts and notifications to help the business owners know when the equipments or vehicles of the fleet have exceeded the speed limit. It also alerts the businesses about the time to perform fire checks, oil change, vehicle repairs and tune ups to maintain their fleet well and to avoid huge repair costs. In addition, the GPS fleet tracking also enables the managers to develop reports using the essential information for a week or a month.

This way, reporting is simplified and can be obtained based on business requirements. You can configure the much needed information on the user friendly dash board that would help in tracking the fleet’s performance. This makes the GPS fleet tracking a must have solution for all fleet owners.

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