Yantai Defender Maritime Co Ltd is a specialized supplier of various types of fenders

Yantai Maritime Defender Co Ltd supplies different types of rubber made fenders. These products are useful to protect ships and vessels effectively while vessel berthing

Fenders are essential accessories that are used for absorbing the kinetic energy of any vessel, ship and boat. They are mostly made of rubber and plastic to prevent the damage of maritime vessels before anchorage on the quay wall or jetty of the dockyards and ports. There many firms that are selling high quality maritime fenders with decent warranty periods. Yantai Maritime Co Ltd is one such company which is specialized in supplying rubber made fenders to different maritime clients. Customers on visiting its website can get a glimpse of the collections of marine rubber fender before placing order.

The rubber fender of this firm can be used on a permanent basis in piers, wharves, ports and harbors both at entrance and exit points to prevent damage and deformation of vessels and other berthing structures. The company provides both standard and customized rubber fenders according to requirements of the clients with best quality raw material. Its cone rubber fender represents the 3rd generation of cell fenders with optimal performance and efficiency. The conical body shape makes it very stable even at large compression angles. They come in a wide range of standard sizes to meet multi berthing conditions. Similarly, its arch fenders are rugged and simple to be used in most extreme conditions.

Yantai Defender Maritime Co Ltd is a specialized supplier of various types of fenders

Full technical specifications of all its fenders are provided in its official website. The company also comprises the best technical and engineering expertise in mooring solutions. Its experienced engineers can offer consultancy services to all types of marine clients and marine contractors for designing better and more cost effective solutions for any maritime application. The company ensures that all manufacture and design comply fully with BS 6349 or PIANC 2002 recommendations. Its team of structural engineers utilizes state of the art 3D graphics and CAD engineering software to deliver detailed graphical representations of any new structure that may be proposed by a Port Authority.

Choosing the appropriate maritime fenders for various applications involving marine vessels is essential to minimize any impact due to collision. The larger the size of water vessel, the larger the size of fender is required. Small boats and vessels come with a smaller contact area and so a small cylindrical fender can work perfectly. For larger vessels it is essential to opt for super cell or super cone fenders.  Elongated fenders or fenders with frontal frames are perfect for vessels when sea water gets rough or when the day is too windy.

About Yantai Defender Co Ltd

Yantai Defender Maritime Co LTD is a China based company specialized in supplying high quality rubber fenders. All its products arrive with a guarantee period of 2-5 years. For details, viewers can log on to its site. 

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