Soccer generates the most revenue transactions, states a study by Sportradar

According to a new research by an American statistics firm Sportradar, Soccer contributes about 70% to the total revenue generated by sports. Considering that Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and played in around 208 countries, it is no surprise that Soccer transactions generates more than fifty percent of the total sports revenue that is estimated to be around $700 billion to $1 trillion.

Soccer has more than 3.5 billion followers across the world including the TV and internet viewership which grabs the attention of the international market. With the advancement of technology, the trend of watching Soccer online is increasing which has also led to the emergence of many sports websites.

Several sports websites have emerged to provide people a platform where they can enjoy the excitement of the sport together. Apart from being a sports community, these websites also provide the soccer fans live scores and details about their favorite teams. Through the sports websites, anyone can get updates about Soccer and other favorite sport from anywhere and anytime.

Some of the websites such as are especially dedicated to Soccer and offer sports news and latest updates in the world of Soccer. The user can find information about international football/soccer leagues or the domestic league championships also on the sports website.

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