The new ARM safety system app allows the user to respond in emergency situations

ARM safety system is the newly launched app,which can be used at home, school, and workplace to response in an emergency or critical situation. It is a simple and effective system, designed to be more affordable than the traditional safety systems. The user can alert others about any critical situation, such as fire, bomb threats, and medical emergency, among others.

The system is easy to use, user-friendly, and requires no special training to implement. All employees can use the app through their smartphones to respond to a critical crisis in a uniform way. The ARM safety system can also be dedicated to a specific site,with no changes being made to the general response to the critical crisis.

Unlike most safety systems that cost a thousand dollars, the ARM safety system costs much less,plus it can be taught to staff/employees in 30 minutes or by simply using a screen tutorial.

To usethe ARM system, the user can download theapp from Google Playstore or iTunes and review the three main components of the app. All these components operate with each other as the app allowsthe user to make a quick response, even if in multiple crisis situations.

The user can press the ‘Fire Icon’ to alert about a potential fire safety hazard and press the ‘medical icon’ to seek immediate help foramedical emergency situation. Similarly, to report any bombthreats or incident, the user can click on ‘bomb threat icon’ to get guidance on handlingbomb threats and explosions. The ‘weather icon’ will provide guidance on how to handle a natural or weather-related crisis, such as flood or earthquake.

ARM safety system app makes thesafety system more affordable and convenient for the user. More information about the app and the download option areavailable on Google Play and iTunes.

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