First book on corporate travel published

Corporate travel to finally make it onto university agenda

Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight is the first textbook written about this industry. It links corporate travel to overall tourism and describes its history, present and possible future. The book provides an overview of the stakeholders and making a travel program work. It also gives insights into the trip cycle from a corporate traveler’s point of view. 

I wrote Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight, because there was no background information available. Having just graduated with a BBA in tourism management, it was unfathomable to me that I didn’t even know corporate travel existed.

It’s a book for everyone wanting to explore travel as a career option. It’s for students studying tourism, international relations and business management. It’s for people looking for a new challenge and helping them determine whether corporate travel might be the right sector for them.

Universities benefit, because they will be able to integrate corporate travel into their curriculums; thus giving students better employment chances. Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight makes it possible – and an accompanying practice workbook to further teaching will be released in June. The book truly brings the industry out of its hiding place – and into plain sight.

Here’s what others are saying about the book:

  • This book is essential because it focuses not only on evolutionary technologies, but also—especially—on how people in our industry are adapting to change and pushing for the next wave of improvements.
     – John Snyder, president and chief executive officer, BCD Travel
  • Like it. This is a really clear introduction to corporate and business travel. It gives you a great background on this whole world with good facts and figures provided and all the terminology exposed. Written in a light-hearted and easy-to read style. ?????
     – Amazon reviewer, London

Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight
is now available on amazon. Click here to buy your copy today.

About the author:

Claudia Unger has a passion for corporate travel management and education. This lead her to publish the first book about the industry. Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight provides an overview of this diverse and complex sector. Claudia has also started her own training and consulting business C – as in Unger to help others with finding their way into corporate travel.

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