Calendar Program using Kickstarter to Help Create Your Fantasy World

Texas – USA July 28, 2013.  A small start-up called Chaotic Noodle wants to help gamers and fantasy world dreamers with a customizable calendar to match their fantasy game. This innovative calendar program is easy to run and allows the user to construct a custom fantasy game world calendar with their own dates, and even customized moon cycles.  

Designer Richard Hunt tweaked and fine-tuned this special calendar program in Microsoft Access which lets you build a custom fantasy game world calendar quickly and easily. The next step is funding full-on software development.

With the fantasy calendar program you get to choose the year, make up names of days of the week or months (and even decide how long the month is). There are also some cool options for images of the moon (choose from several moon phase/colours). As Mr. Hunt explains, “There is a brief control that shows the name of the campaign, the season, day of the week (with icon), year, and time of day along with a visual display of the phases of the moons.”

Now the designer needs your help getting his dream into the real world with this short Kickstarter campaign. The project funding will be used to convert the existing conception into software for use on any platform, especially Android or iPhone devices. The minimum pledge is one dollar so everyone can get in on the fun. Rewards start at just two dollars and gets you recognition as a backer on the official Chaotic Noodle website, for five dollars or more you can also get a Chaotic Noodle logo note pad and pencil (yes old school) to take notes during games. For $10 or more you get a free digital copy for the platform of your choice (android, apple or PC). Invest a bit more and reap other special rewards – see the site for all the details. Donations of $100 or more get you the chance to help with the design. With this perk you can put your own special mark on the fantasy calendar project with colour choices, or even choose the starting calendar date. 

Even if you can’t donate, spread the word and share the links widely.

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