Marijuana Drivers in crashes don’t drive slow, instead they speed.

20 years of government crash data dispel the slow driving myth.

MORAGA, CA – 18 Apr, 2016 – Marijuana drivers speed at a higher percentage at both the lowest and highest posted speed limits and are more likely to drive off the road in fatal crashes.  They also speed more than other drivers in all age groups that have no alcohol or drugs.

Finally, the percentage of drivers with marijuana use has nearly doubled in the last ten years, and is more than 6 times the 1994 level, and is now at 15% of fatal drivers.

“Cheech and Chong and the pro marijuana crowd should take heed, drivers high on weed, speed!” says Al Crancer, study researcher.

The marijuana driver’s inability to concentrate on multiple stimuli while driving results from marijuana’s hallucinogenic effect of time and space distortion.  This altered reality and limited ability to focus attention is a major factors in marijuana drivers speeding and leaving the roadway in fatal crashes.

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