Exclusive European-Style Aesthetic Medicine and Facial Sculpting In Edmonton

Sharma Clinic Offers Effortless Beauty with European Comfort and Elegance

Edmonton, Alberta – Famed cosmetic surgeon and aesthetic sculpting expert Dr. Anil Sharma, Founder and Owner of the Sharma Clinic, an Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic, today announced the most natural and youthful results available from injecting Botox® Cosmetic and special dermal fillers. Dr. Sharma is a popular medical expert bringing the “European Aesthetic” Botox to Edmonton. The Sharma Clinic is known for offering patients the most sought after, upscale, European-style experience in Canada.  

Dr. Sharma precisely injects tiny amounts of Botox® Cosmetic into the muscles responsible for causing wrinkles, and temporarily paralyses those muscles. In turn, the skin covering the muscles gradually becomes smoother and appears less wrinkled. Dr. Sharma believes that a more natural look is much more appealing than patients looking as though they’ve “had something done.” In this respect, Dr. Sharma is truly an artist.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a more youthful appearance is to smooth the lines between the eyebrows, which can give the face a hard or worried appearance. Crows feet around the eyes may also make patients appear older than they really are, and tend to give one a squinty appearance. Botox can effectively treat these and other facial areas to “turn back the clock,” and help in aging gracefully. It is suggested that patients come in for treatment 3 or 4 times per year to maintain their smooth skin.

Dr. Sharma is an aesthetic artist when it comes to sculpting the face with dermal fillers. Balancing out common areas of the face where dermal fillers are used, include augmenting sunken cheeks, thin lips, hollows under the eyes and creases around the mouth. Dr. Sharma is expert in addressing the need for improving issues such as indentations from old acne or other scars. Dermal fillers help to decrease scarring, thereby increasing confidence and providing a younger look and a smoother face. Fillers are a cost-effective and reliable treatments for smoothing out wrinkles and adding volume. 

Dr. Sharma is an acknowledged expert in cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic surgery, facial resculpturing, and weight loss medicine. He is known as a leading physician in skin resurfacing, injectables, surgery, skincare treatments, facial treatments and hair loss. He is particularly passionate about working with patients to create facial balance and symmetry. During every consultation, Dr. Sharma will spend quality time with his patients by outlining details of treatment, and discussing any questions or concerns at length. It is his opinion that consultation and patient education are the most important aspects of any cosmetic treatment.

Dr. Sharma was graduated from the University of Glasgow Medical School and is a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. He received extensive aesthetic training from one of Europe’s largest private cosmetic surgery clinics, called Transform, before becoming the co-owner of London Medical Group. He has trained in Milan, Paris and London. Dr. Sharma is licensed in the province of Alberta, and is a member of the Canadian Medical Association. Dr. Sharma is a member of the faculty of the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine.

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