Author Sally May Tan Hits Amazon Best Seller With Wellness, The New Luxury

Author, health coach, speaker and entrepreneur Sally May Tan recently released her latest book, Wellness, The New Luxury: A Modern Paradigm To Truly Having It All!, that Hit The Top of the Amazon best Sellers list in multiple categories.

Sally May Tan is an author, speaker and health coach who has been styled the “Wellness Whisperer” because of her focus on the role of health and wellness in professional success.  Now, she has released her latest book, Wellness, The New Luxury: A Modern Paradigm To Truly Having It All!, which discusses getting fit both mentally and physically and how taking control of wellness can translate into ultimate success in personal and professional growth.

Tan spent many years in the corporate world working for multi-national corporations in senior leadership roles.  Her experiences helped her understand the demands of modern-day careers on business professionals.  She has witnessed and experienced firsthand the high price many executives pay to acquire their status and wealth. As a young executive, Tan decided to teach herself about eating well and getting fit.

According to Tan, “Most of us spend our waking hours chasing after material wealth, status and power, without realizing that in our relentless pursuit of the modern world’s version of a luxurious life, we have forgotten to invest in the most important treasure of all – our personal health and happiness. When it comes to the crunch, no amount of regret nor money in the world can buy us our best health.  Our unquestioning acceptance of the conventional definition of a materially successful life can take its toll on our well-being if we don’t make the right decisions, right now.  Wellness, The New Luxury is a gift to those who know that enduring success and happiness go way beyond material acquisitions, and it addresses the head and heart of the issue of True Wealth, teaching readers how to ultimately win in the Wellness Game.”

Tan is a dynamic and prolific speaker.  She was the keynote speaker and panel chair at the Education World Conference in India and the World Forum of Early Childhood Education in the United States.  She has conducted numerous workshops for global banks, financial institutions and investment firms and actively coaches and mentors executives individually and in groups.  Tan takes a bio-tailored holistic approach to help professionals achieve their unique health goals.

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About Sally May Tan and Wellness, The New Luxury: A Modern Paradigm To Truly Having It All!

Sally May Tan is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Catalyst Health Asia, a professional consultancy and coaching organization offering quality programs to individuals and corporations who have made the decision to embrace a “Wellness First” mindset for themselves and their employees.  She holds a degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  She also holds a Master of Social Science degree in Professional Counseling and a Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours degree. Her latest book, Wellness, The New Luxury, is a candid look at the role wellness plays in professional life.

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