A Closer Look at Crystal Meth Treatment in NH

At Elite Rehab Placement we pride ourselves on taking as much stress as possible out of the rehab process. It’s hard work to call several different rehab centers and listen to their sales team tell you why they are the best possible option for you. We’ve already done all of the research and work with several high quality centers, all over the nation, that we are intimately familiar with.
One of the most commonly abused illicit drugs in New Hampshire, as well as other parts of the country and the rest of the world, is crystal methamphetamine or simply crystal meth.

This illicit substance is readily available in the back alleys and darkened streets of the nation’s major cities and has been producing one of the most challenging phenomenon ever faced by healthcare practitioners in the drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation industry. Nevertheless, recovering from crystal meth addiction requires the specialized knowledge of crystal meth treatment in NH.

What makes crystal meth so challenging to manage is not so much about its physiologic effects but rather on the psychological effects it has on individuals especially those who have been chronically hooked up on the addicting substance. Generally, the most often complained about effect of crystal meth is hallucination, paranoia, and violent outburst which can be managed only by people with extensive background in psychiatric and mental health conditions.

In both instances of hallucination and paranoia, the individual can no longer differentiate imaginations from reality. For the individual, everything becomes real. In paranoia, the threat can be translated into self-directed aggression or violence towards others. Healthcare practitioners caring for crystal meth addicts are thus placed in a precarious situation where they have to be very careful about their own behavior so as not to trigger paranoia in the individual. When this is triggered, violence can erupt and healthcare practitioners can be assaulted by the patient. In some cases, the paranoia can turn the individual on himself leading to suicide and self-mutilation.

This is what clearly makes crystal meth treatment programs particularly challenging. It is therefore very important that complete detoxification be achieved and supervised by a medical professional especially if other life threatening physiologic manifestations such as seizures and stroke are involved. While detox medication protocols can be administered in order to mitigate the effects of the associated withdrawal symptoms during detoxification, the expertise and guidance of a psychiatric professional should be employed to help the individual get past his hallucinations and paranoid tendencies. Benzodiazepines and barbiturates may be administered in order to calm and relax the patient and reduce the incidence of psychiatric symptoms, crystal meth treatment must begin immediately, lest the condition can turn into a full-blown psychiatric health problem.

Once detoxification has been completed, an intensive program of psychodynamic therapy coupled with cognitive and behavioral therapies can be initiated in order to help the individual regain full control of his distorted reality. It is often a very tedious process and may require up to several months of continuous psychosocial therapies depending on the severity and extent of the individual’s crystal meth addiction. Nevertheless, complementary therapies such as psychodrama, art therapy, music therapy, and relaxation therapy may be provided in addition to individualized counseling, life skills workshops, and group therapy sessions.

Managing the addiction of crystal meth dependents can be very challenging especially to the uninitiated. This is why a dedicated crystal meth treatment should always make sure that its personnel are more than qualified for the job.

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