Americas Walk In Tubs Awarded US Patent for Everlast Low Entry Walk-In Tub

Everlast Low Entry Walk-In Tub

Americas Walk In Tubs, the leader in the walk-in tubs industry, has been awarded US Design Patent No D704, 315 S on their Everlast Low-Entry Walk-In Tub. The unique and specially-designed bath tub has the lowest step-in in the industry as well as a host of other features designed to make it easy for people with limited mobility and accessibility issues to enter and exit the tub.

“We are proud to have been awarded the US Patent on our Everlast Low Entry Walk-In Tub model, which has a truly unique design,” says the spokesperson of the company while providing more details of this important development. “Our bathtubs are designed by the best and most highly experienced engineers in the industry. The Everlast Low Entry model has the lowest step-in in the industry and many other innovative features that have helped us to obtain this US Patent.”

The US Patent is an acknowledgment that the Everlast Low Entry Walk-In Tub model is the best bath tub for elders and the physically challenged who need a truly low step-in entrance for their tub. This model has been thoughtfully designed and comes with two fully removable front panels for easy accessibility. The low level entrance of the Everlast model ensures easy access and exit to anyone with mobility issues and eliminates the need for ramps or railings to enter your tub.

Other key features of this model are:

• Anti-slip floor and 17” high anti-slip seat
• Extremely secure door lock that eliminates the possibility of leakage
• Four leveling legs to keep the tub perfectly balanced
• Two grab bars for added support
• Commercial grade drain with speed vents
• Five piece Roman faucet set with handheld and wall mounted shower unit

The Everlast Low Entry Walk-In Tub is available in both left and right facing door, drains to be located on same side as door. It also comes with a neck and head rest pillow for added comfort to the user and a wall-mounted shower head that allows users to shower conveniently in either sitting or standing position. An extension box is provided for tubs that have to be placed between three walls with a 60” space. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the door seals and jets not to leak, as well as a lifetime warranty on the tub body not to crack, pit, chip, or discolor. Various optional accessories are also provided with the model with their own warranties.

The possibility of slipping and falling in Americas Walk In Tub is virtually nil, due to the anti-slip floors, seats and other safety features designed with these tubs. All types of walk-in tubs made by the company are of colorfast woven fiberglass, which is one of the most durable materials available for the purpose. The company assures that all these benefits will last a lifetime.

Americas Walk In Tubs is renowned for its quality products, which are the finest in the industry. Their tubs are among the most affordable walk-in tubs in the world. The company also manufactures shower tubs, walk-in shower, handicap bathtub, shower step-in tub, low step-in tubs, and lots more.

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About Americas Walk In Tubs:

Americas Walk In Tubs was created to make the best walk-in bath tubs in the world. The company has researched practically every kind of bath tub available and used the positive features from them to provide some of the finest, user-friendly walk-in tubs. They specialize in manufacturing a variety of different size tubs to fit every bathroom and every “body’s” size. All of America’s walk-in tubs and mobility showers come with a lifetime warranty.

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