Performance Merchant Alliance Warns About EMV Technology Switch Deadline

Emv technology, or chip credit cards are not new to the credit card industry. The push for chip cards started over two decades ago in Europe. Actually, 10 years ago, Wal-Mart was the first US retailor to adopt and use the new chip technology. Pamela Andrews of Performance Merchant Alliance states, “even with the October 1, 2017 mandated date for business to switch from swipe technology to Emv, only a maximum of 38% of business have made the switch.”

In 2013 Target and the IRS suffered major security breaches resulting in the theft of millions of people’s personal information including Social Security numbers.  Experts agree, that the new attack on business will be in the form of new credit cards created with this stolen information.  The truth of the matter is the only way to combat this is for business to adopt and religiously use the Emv enabled processing terminals. 

Unfortunately, right now, over 70% of consumers have Emv enabled cards in their possession but less than 40% of businesses are using the technology.  Businesses, to protect themselves from these thieves, need to change their thought process and start embracing this technology immediately.

“The safety net for your business comprises two aspects with the chip technology,” Andrews states. She continues, “Getting the correct terminals to process with the Emv technology, and to train your employees in the correct procedure on how to use these cards.  With proper training of your employees, the que will be shorter, mistakes will be less, and your business will be protected and save money.”

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