Wartune 5.6: Guard the Realm with Patrol Quests and a Brand New Eudaemon

To follow the last post aboutWartune’snew Version 5.6, today we will talk a little bit more about its new functions.The difficulties of the Watchtower Patrol Quest were briefly introduced last time, so here are some tips on how to enjoy this feature in Wartune. How can you do Patrol Quests?

Wartune 5.6: Guard the Realm with Patrol Quests and a Brand New Eudaemon

Eudaemon Patrol

Only Eudaemons that meet the requirements can be dispatched. Eudaemons that are dispatched to do Hard Patrols must meet the Normal Patrol requirements first. And the Eudaemons that are dispatched to do Nightmare Patrols must meet the Normal Patrol and Hard Patrol requirements first.

Every time a Patrol Quest is completed, Patrol Quests of all difficulties will refresh.

Once players send a Eudaemon to patrol, they will not be able to replace that Eudaemon or stop the patrol until the patrol is over. A Eudaemon that is doing a Patrol Quest cannot be used to upgrade the Base Camp or Watchtowers.

When the patrol time is over, the Patrol Quest will finish automatically. Playerscan collect their rewards in the Patrol Map. See the picture below:

Watchtower: Patrol Quest – Riot


1. There is a chance that a Riot will occur during a patrol.

2. When there are multiple patrols around several Watchtowers, multiple riots may occur. (Up to 3 riots at the same time.)

Riot Rules:

1. Players should resolve a riot within an hour.

2. To quell a riot, players need to ask their friends to go to their Patrol Map.

3. Any Eudaemon may be dispatched to quell a riot. A riot can be quelled instantly once a Eudaemon is dispatched. Rewards will be sent to players’ Inventory directly and reward details will be displayed in the chat. If a player’s Inventory is full, rewards will be sent via in-game mail.

Riot Punishment:

1. When a riot takes place around a specific Watchtower, players need to resolve the riot within the given time. Otherwise, the patrol time for the Watchtower will increase.

2. Each player can help quell 10 riots a day. Attempts will be reset at midnight every day.

New Eudaemon – Frost Dwarf

Look at this cool big guy! The new Frost Dwarf is a physical Eudaemon with high PATK and good at close combat, but has low PDEF and MDEF.

Eudaemon Traits

A physical Eudaemon good at close combat, with high PATK and low DEF.


Passive 1 – Dwarven Rage: 20% chance to increase damage received by enemy by 30% every round.

Passive 2 – Motivation: Damage dealt increases by 9%.

Active 1 – Ice Hammer: Deals 145% PATK damage to front row enemies.

Active 2 – Ice Hammer Strike: Deals 160% damage to the target with the lowest HP.

Active 3 – Hammer Slay: Deals 120% damage to 2 random enemies.

Active 4 – Radical Blessing: Increases healing by 50% for the next 3 turns.

Active 5 – Strong Strike: Deals 105% damage to 2 or 3 random enemies.

Active 6 – Strong Strike: Deals 125% damage to a random row of enemies.

Delphic 1 – Furious Strike: Deals 115% damage to all enemies and increases the damage opponents receive by 8%, lasts 2 turns.

Delphic 2 – Impasse Rebirth: Restores 10% HP instantly and 8% HP every turn for 2 turns.

Last but not least, there are some amazing new features: Artifact Roulette, Added Talent Stones, Modifications to Cross-Server PVP, Modifications to Cross-Server MP Dungeon, Archaeology Optimizations and so on. Join the game and master all the features! Welcome to Wartune! More details, welcome to visit Wartune Official Website.

Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/

Wartune Official Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Wartune/

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