Projector SuperStore Announces a Showcase of Sony’s Lampless Laser Light Source Projectors

By Dustin Mahurin
Staff Writer, iDZYNS

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – 20 Apr, 2016 – Projector SuperStore, a partner of CCS Presentation Systems, announces a showcase of Sony’s Laser Light Source Projectors.

Most projectors currently on the market feature lamp-based illumination that fades and becomes weaker over a relatively short period of time, which requires a lamp replacement. These lamp replacements over the life of the projector increase the total cost of ownership. In contrast, this type of projector features a laser light source that lasts significantly longer with up to 20,000 hours compared to conventional projectors which require that lamps be replaced after around 3,000 hours.

Other advances are found in the optical system, where the BrightEra 3LCD panels improve energy efficiency and durability. These projectors are also equipped with an incredibly durable filter system. Together, these advances enable 20,000 hours of operation without maintenance or part replacement. With no need for lamp replacement, there is no waste, which saves significant resources and costs for the end user.

Check out all of the amazing Laser Light Source projectors that Sony offers here.

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