LumiTea Announces New Special Packs and Lumi Blends for Fitness and Energy Support

MIAMI – LumiTea, the leading provider of cleansing and energizing tea blends, has launched its 30 and 90-day special tea packs. “Detox Blend,” “Rejuvenate,” and “Detox Plus” are exclusive tea blends formulated for ease of use and successful results. LumiTea supports cleansing, energy and fitness by combining proprietary teas and herbs for optimal results.

LumiTea specializes in unique tea blends for health and wellness. As detailed on their website, these custom-blended teas feature all-natural ingredients, promoting benefits for body, mind and spirit. LumiTea has helped them achieve a more enriching and satisfying lifestyle. Tea lovers have more energy and receive anti-aging support, immune support and stress relief. 

The Detox Packs include both the “Skinny” and “Colon” blends. These special blends of oolong tea, ginger root, senna and lotus leaves are filled with powerful cleansers and antioxidants. Users have decreased bloating and found more energy. Rejuvenate Packs include an antioxidant-rich tea. The organic ingredients are targeted for those seeking a noticeable difference in skin, hair, energy and overall health. The custom blend of herbs, including oolong and yerba mate to drive metabolic change and fight free radicals. The teas help purify from within.

“Our team launched LumiTea with the dream of using the power of tea to help people shine,” said the Founder of LumiTea. “We are a dedicated team of tea gurus, presenting the results of our world travels, where we have discovered and combined some of the most powerful superfoods and herbs on the planet. LumiTea’s blends work with the body. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals of health, wellness, energy and cleansing.”

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