The new Sfera app allows the user to share contact information with just one click

Sfera is the new mobile application that is launched on Google Play, to allow the user to share their contact information such as name, surname, E-mail and picture with just one click. The app has been developed by  “Cristian Sfera” considering that it often becomes a hassle to share the contact information of people and sometimes the user don’t have a business card and might make a writing error while typing the contact information. The app is meant to resolve all these minor troubles and provide the user a convenient option to share their contact information/digital business card easily with other users.

The Android device app allows the user to send contact information and files of up to 5 MB. By using SFERA you can send your contact information (NAME, SURNAME, EMAIL, YOUR PROFILE PICTURE) with one click. Just enter the phone number to which you want to send the info, check the information you want to share, click on the “SHARE” key and you are done!  . To share the contact information, the user can enter the person’s phone number, check the news they want to share and just click on the ‘share’ button.

Sfera app notifies the user whenever someone sends a contact to them so that the user can easily add new contact information directly into their phone book without any need of typing anything and by just clicking on the  “Add Address Book button”.

The app also allows the user to share files of up to 5 MB along with a text message. The app will save the cost of sending SMS. Using one touch option, all the important contacts can be transferred automatically into the personal phone book of the user. The app has received great reviews from the users on Google Play as well. “A useful tool for sharing contacts and files directly without doing laps of configurations”, says user Arianna.

The user can change their contact information anytime in the Sfera app by going to the ‘Edit Profile’ page. This is convenient in case of any phone number or email address change. Once the user has logged in into their Sfera app account, the app remains in the background to notify the user about any new notification, contact information or files received.

Sfera app can be used to exchange contact information with just one touch along with files in an easy way. The user can exchange their phone number, email, profile picture, files such as images in Jpeg or Png format along with documents in text or pfd of up to 5 MB in size. More information about the app can be found on while it can be downloaded from Google Play.

Media Contact
Company Name: SFERA
Contact Person: Cristian Sfera
Country: Italy