Innovative Multifunction Travel Jacket Launches on Kickstarter: Tech Lovers Take Note!

With 40+ functions, the PowearIN2.0 is quite possibly the most versatile jacket ever designed.

PowearIN2.0: World First Modular Multipurpose Travel Jacket With the rise of mobile technology, two things have become incredibly important: pockets and power. After all, we need somewhere to keep all of our cool gadgets, and none of those gadgets are much use when the batteries die.

These two concerns (along with about two dozen others) are being addressed by a new product from Powearin: a multi-functional jacket called the PowearIN2.0. Not only does this fashionable line of jackets (there are actually several colors and styles for both men and women) have plenty of pockets, each model also features hidden, rechargeable power banks to give wearers plenty of juice for their favorite devices.

Best of all, the PowearIN2.0 is designed for flexibility, with modular options that allow wearers to set it up to their own specifications. There are over 40 different options in all.

The Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on April 19th, and early backers can get 50% off the final price of the jacket (there are also other perks available.) The finished product will ship in October, so contributors will be able to get plenty of use out of their new jacket before the new year!

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Powearin is an innovative designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge products that are tailor-made for modern use. Incorporating such features as charging systems, load supports, and modular pockets, their products are the ultimate companion for travel, leisure, and work. Powearin has been featured in Yahoo! Japan, Wired, Gadgetify, and many others.


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