Day Job Problems for Entertainers Solved with Free Report Announced by Group of Actors

“Free report tells how to replace your day job with easy, online business.”
A group of actors and filmmakers say the days of struggling to find a day job that works well with their film career is over. A growing group of actors are turning to online automated income.

Park City, Utah – A group of movie actors and filmmakers has joined forces to eliminate the need for a day job by working online, and they invite other actors to join them. They offer a free report.

“Day jobs suck! Actors who are trying to build a career need an income between acting gigs and auditions, but 99 percent of all day jobs get in the way. Every actor has had to make tough choices because their day job pays the bills, but it also is often the biggest obstacle in pursuing a film career,” said Dave Bresnahan a film actor (  

Bresnahan has been earning a full-time income online for over ten years, and recently while working on a television series that was filmed in Park City he invited other actors to join with him. He now helps any actor who wants to develop an online automated income to eventually replace their day job.

“This is not some get-rich-quick-scheme. This is a get-rich-slow real business that takes some effort to build, but ones it begins it can grow a little bigger each month until before long it can completely replace the need for  a day job, “explained Bresnahan.

The group created a website to provide information for other actors to review. It includes a few short informational video as well as a free report detailing what they do CLICK HERE. 

“This is NOT one of those deals where you have to make a list of your friends and relatives and then start twisting arms. I hate that stuff. I don’t do that and wouldn’t ask anyone else to do that. This is a real, traditional business. We advertise our website and use automated tools that do the selling and marketing. Sales are made through an automated process with no work by any of our actors. It’s like a vending machine on the Internet,” said Bresnahan.

Actors, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, and other creative people who work from gig to gig are welcome to join the group, according to Bresnahan. FREE report CLICK HERE.

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