New Reflective Running Vest Launched by Safety Manufacturer GlowGuard

Unisex Reflective Safety Vest Aimed at Runners, Walkers, Motorcyclists and Cyclists

Safety ware manufacturer GlowGuard today announced the launch of a new reflective safety vest for runners, walkers, joggers, cyclists, and anyone requiring visibility safety in the workplace.

The reflective vest is made from a highly visible yellow mesh of 3M Scotchlite material to provide 360 degree visibility when worn. The vest is a one size fits all adjustable design able to be worn over loose clothing to provide visibility at distance for people when they are working or doing leisure activities in close proximity to vehicles. Additional benefits of the GlowGuard safety vest include an additional pair of reflective strips that can be adapted to be worn as wristbands or around the ankles for increased safety. The vest also provides for the modern lifestyle with an integral pocket large enough to fit valuables as well as an iPhone 6S or equivalent Android Galaxy S6.

A spokesperson for GlowGuard explained further, “We are a company that is all about safety. Because of this we have only used the highest visibility materials in our design to maximize the safety of the user. Both front and back and sides for that matter.

If you are wearing the GlowGuard safety vest, you will be seen.

He continued, “Having designed the vest with the highest quality safety materials we then focussed our efforts of the user and their individual needs. The vest is a unisex, one size fits all design and the cut has been specifically engineered to adjust for all sizes up to and including XXL. We wanted our customers not to have to worry about size choices when ordering. The last thing you need is to be worrying if the cut comes up small or large for that matter.

With GlowGuard you can be happy in the knowledge that our design will fit whatever your size or shape. We have also added a pocket large enough to accommodate keys, cash and most importantly in todays world, the larger size new phones such as the iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6. The pocket is also positioned so that it won’t interfere or bounce around when you are on the move making using it when you are running or jogging a smooth comfortable experience.

At GlowGuard we believe in Safety first and then closely followed by user comfort and functionality. We think our reflective safety vest is designed to meet all these needs to the highest standards.”

The GlowGuard Reflective Safety Vest is available exclusively for purchase on Amazon USA. For a limited period during its launch, the vest will be available to purchase at a substantial discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price).


GlowGuard is the manufacturer and sole distributor of GlowGuard Reflective Safety Vest. The vest can be purchased on Amazon USA and for more information please go to their product page at

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