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Joy’s Remedy is the first fat and water-soluble formulation of turmeric supplements. The water-solubility improves turmerics’ poor gut absorption while the fat-solubility keeps curcuminoids biologically active for maximum effect. Super Turmeric is 5-6x more bioavailable compared to other leading brands, remains active in the body for 24hrs, and helps provide a strong natural anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory response. Suitable for all dietary restrictions: vegan, halal, and kosher.

All Natural, full spectrum, water and fat-soluble curcumin. Created by two doctors for their mother, now available for public sale. 

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) has been used over the world for centuries as a cooking spice. However in India, turmeric has also long been valued for strong anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-septic, anti- thrombotic, and cardioprotective properties.1 In the past decade alone, over 4,000 research papers have been published that reaffirm what practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine in India have known for centuries; that turmeric and, more specifically, the molecule curcumin, have tremendous health potential.

The science 

Curcumin (composed of three curcuminoids) was found early on to be responsible for some of the health properties. Turmeric root is composed of only 3-5% curcuminoids and due to their fat-soluble nature, it is poorly absorbed in the gut and largely excreted. Most curcumin-based supplements do not address the absorption problem but rather increase concentration upto 95% in hopes more makes it into the blood stream. A few supplements address this absorption problem by combining curcumin with unnatural chemicals or plastics. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that there are additional benefits of the turmeric polysaccharides, peptides, and oils generally not used in supplements.

Our motivation

Super Turmeric by Joy’s Remedy was developed by two brothers, via a patent pending process, when their mother, Joy, refused to take prescription medications full of side-effects. Having seen the ins-and-outs of the healthcare industry, the lack of natural alternative options, and knowing turmeric would help most of her ailments, they sought to address the hurdle of poor absorption while maintaining all components of turmeric root (curcuminoids, proteins, polysaccharides, and oils). It is the first water- and fat-soluble supplement of its kind that speeds up absorption and reaches a higher curcumin blood concentration. It takes 2.5kgs, roughly 5.5lbs, of turmeric root just to make one 250mg Super Turmeric VegCap. It is void of any pepper extracts, fillers, or animal products making it suitable for all dietary restrictions: vegan, halal, and kosher. 

A few quotes from customers who have started taking the daily recommended dose of Super Turmeric (2 VegCaps) over the last few months:

“My joints felt better within the first week.” – Mina B. (3 months)

“I can jump out of bed in the mornings now, I definitely have more energy now.” – Chris C. (6 months) 

“It’s a staple in my work out routine, especially on leg day.” David C. (4 months)

“I noticed that my skin has cleared up substantially and my dark spots are fading too.” – Lashonda M. (3 months)

Joy’s Remedy is a Raleigh, NC based Nutraceutical Company was founded by three brothers, two of whom are medical doctors. Their aim is to enhance natural ayurvedic remedies through modern science and innovation. Super Turmeric comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

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1 7 Powerful Turmeric Health Benefits & Side Effects

2 Modified pectic polysaccharide from turmeric (Curcuma longa): A potent dietary component against gastric ulcer

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