Private Investigations Firm Launches Live Chat Feature

From their home office in Charlotte, NC, the Piedmont Group offers its clients a variety of solutions for their private security and investigative needs. In order to better service those needs, and to provide the highest level of convenient customer service possible, the Piedmont Group has recently rolled out a live chat support feature on each of its branch company websites. Those with questions about the services offered by a particular branch may visit that company’s site, and chat one-on-one with a trained professional. These live chat services are managed separately, by the individual branches of the Piedmont Group: potential clients are guaranteed the attention of someone with expertise which is pertinent to their particular line of inquiry.

The Piedmont Group provides live support during standard operating hours. During off-hours, the chat’s popup window will instead present a quick contact form, with the promise of a qualified response at the earliest possible opportunity.

Three Companies, One Solution

Piedmont Group owner Thomas Caune first put his expertise in law enforcement and corporate loss prevention to the test with Piedmont Private Investigations in 1999. While expanding upon his initial service area, Tom has also worked steadily to increase the breadth of services offered by his private investigations firm. These would eventually become Piedmont Security Systems, which offers automated security systems, and Piedmont Protective Services, which offers the services of trained security personnel.

“I know how a criminal thinks,” Thomas relates, “because I’ve spent my professional life working in law enforcement, private investigations, and corporate loss prevention. Also, as an established small business owner, I know how crucial it is to stay on top of these kinds of concerns.”

A Sense of Integrity

Tom draws upon more than his professional experience in providing top-notch investigative solutions. There is also his personal history, a history which includes thousands of dollars and countless hours spent on a messy divorce – then, again, in a battle for child custody. He came out of the other end of this gauntlet battered, but whole; in his own words, “for a while, I found myself indulging in regret, wishing that I’d had someone in my corner during that whole long ordeal. It was an ugly time, and I had to fight at every turn to make sure that the truth was what carried the day in court.”

The expansion from private investigation to personal and commercial security, Thomas adds, seemed like a no-brainer: “My professional experience lent itself to the field, and the two work well hand-in-hand. Investigation, surveillance, and protection form a complete security package.”

Further Information

For those who are interested, additional information about the Piedmont Group is available online, courtesy its branch company websites. Piedmont Private Investigations may be reached at Mr. Caune’s security firms, Piedmont Security Systems and Piedmont Protective Services, may be respectively contacted at and Each site offers its respective company’s contact information, as well as the newly active live chat support. Those with questions about the Piedmont Group’s services are cordially invited to take advantage of this new function.

Media Contact
Company Name: Piedmont Protective Services
Contact Person: Thomas Caune
Phone: 704-904-7551
Country: United States